My husband might be getting a job at J.D in Moline. So where is the best place to live near the quad cities?

My husband is getting closer in getting a new job w/ John Deere which means we have to relocate. We never lived in a big city, so was wondering if there is any advice about where to live around the quad cities. We have 3 children as well so being at a small school district which would give our kids great opportunities in achievements w/ sports and academics. Any advice is welcomed. Thanks, annystel

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    As you're probably finding out, the quad cities have a population of over 377,000. There are several areas where bringing up 3 kids wouldn't be that hard to do. Being close to work should not be a determining factor as omost places are within 30 min of JD.

    I would imagine that a company as large as JD or the unions would have a re-location or residency dept. Check it out.

    I lived in Davenport for some time and would suggest east Davenport or Bettendorf but there are good areas in IL also. You should plan to survey the different neighborhoods over a period of time.

    Small school districts aren't that far away...plenty of farmland or small towns. They include the Iowa cities of Eldridge, Long Grove, Park View, Blue Grass, Buffalo, Walcott, Maysville, McCausland, Mount Joy, New Liberty, Pleasant Valley, Princeton, Le Claire, Panorama Park and Riverdale. The Illinois communities are Silvis, Milan, Andalusia, Carbon Cliff, Coal Valley, Colona, Geneseo, Hampton, Port Byron, Kewanee, Aledo, and Rapids City.

    Many of these are within 30 min of JD. Check out the site below for QC school info:

    Check the web for real estate sites. I'm sure you will find a realtor who is eager to make a sale in a falling economy. Tell the person what you want and that you are willing to hunt for it.

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    Good small school reccomendations in the area are Orion, Rockridge (Taylor Ridge), and Sherrard. All would allow for a 30 minute or less commute to Moline. If you have specific sports in mind, you might want to mention that, because some area schools have very good reputations for different sports.

    You will want to be careful about some of the Iowa towns that the other post mention, because while they are delightful towns and many of those schools districts are OK, some have quite the bus ride for the kids and a fairly long (over 30 minute) commute to Moline.

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