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Should a child with autism be given the 2nd MMR vaccine?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    I did not give my asd child his 2nd mmr. He will not be getting any other vaccines.

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  • 1 decade ago

    If you are asking this question, than you probably already know the answer. I have seen a study showing that the additional MMR does cause more harm. The MMR does not contain the very harmful ingrediant thimerosal, which was reduced in some vaccines due to the proof it was harmful, as in there was no way to show it was safe, as in no way. What I am gathering from my research is that children with autism do not have enough TH1 immunity reaction to fight off live virus vaccines like the MMR, so it lives in them doing havoc. There are ways to kill the MMR viruses living in these children, which of course then bring out the rash and all and then the child improves. LDM 100 and high dose Vitamin A, both of which can be dangerous somewhat, so its recommended to see a knowledgeable doc about this, which will not be your local mainstream doctor. There are other things as well that kill viruses. The parents I have talked to, including myself, who have researched measles would rather get that than autism. I don't feel its at all scarey to get as compared to autism. As a matter of fact, even Jenny McCarthy on live TV said she would rather had her son get measles than autism. Most docs don't know this stuff. There are docs who are successful at treating autism, as in getting these kids well enough to do regular school without modifications. If one were to do studying on their own (outside of medical school), I imagine they would not be for vaccines, for what you would learn would shock you. And I am referring to information learned from doctors, studies, scientists, etc. My kids no longer have autsim, but I must now spend money monthly on supplements to rid their thimerosal, and pathogens, and buy organic foods, etc. Hopefully, one day they can be normal without all that; we'll see. My siblings didn't vaccinate their children, and their children are well.

    Note: What I am seeing on the forums and from doctor reports is that although the chidren who kill their MMR live viruses living in them improve, they do not become nomal. Apparently killing bacteria over several years is what makes these children normal. The bacteria is wearing out their immune system so that they can not handle the vaccines. Thus some are normal and can maintain until something comes along like live virus vaccines that pushes them over the edge.

    Source(s): YouTube, search MMR autism vaccines Google MMR autism DAN doctors, naturopath doctors, there are many autism organizations and Yahoo Groups, thousands actually, since its such a big epidemic, that talk about this. Google, and you will learn lots.
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  • 1 decade ago

    NO! My asd son is not getting any more vaccines. As the last mom said, get his titers checked to see if he is already immune. That will ease you mind, shut the schools up and (possibly) keep him safe from further autistic behaviours. Agreed that there is no proven link, yet, but the evidence is leaning more and more in favor of those who believe there is a link each and every day. Why risk it? As noted, if you are asking this question, you know the answer in your heart. You must trust your parental instincts. I myself would put my trust in mothers who are having such remarkable success, not in the medical community who are the same people who told us for years that smoking was okay because there was no "proof."

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  • RxGirl
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    Although there are people out there saying that vaccinations cause autism, there is absolutely no evidence to support this claim. Furthermore, because of the concern (which is unsupported by the available scientific evidence) that was brought up by these groups, the FDA did require that the preservative in question (thiomerosol) be removed from the vaccines that are now available. The vaccines on the market today do not contain thiomerosol or if they do, it is a very very tiny amount. Most health professionals would agree that it is more important to vaccinate children against childhood diseases, because the damage from the illnesses caused by these diseases is a greater risk than any risk caused by the vaccination itself. Some of these diseases caused great suffering or even death, and we tend to forget about that today because of the advancements in medicine, and the availability of vaccines which protect our children from them. Getting your child vaccinated will give him/her the best protection from these diseases (the MMR is measles, mumps, & rubella) so that he/she can be as healthy as possible.

    Source(s): recent pharmacy school graduate
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  • 1 decade ago

    I did give my daughter her 6 year old vaccines BUT I had the doctor break them up . She got a measles vaccine , then a month later the mumps vaccine , then a month later rubella vaccine . Now 6 months later she got her polio vaccine . Sure , she didn't love going back to the doc for yet another shot but she got over it . No problems at all .

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    There is really no proven link between autism and vaccines.

    Why wouldn't you give them a vaccine? It's not going to make them worse, but it'll protect them against the diseases!

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  • 1 decade ago

    NOOOOO!!!!!!! Have your pediatrician check your child's blood titres to see if he/she has immunity already.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    vaccines are NOT SAFE read from Medical Journal Articles on the Dangers of Vaccines JAMA IF THE DOC WOULD READ THERE OWN MEDICAL Journal

    JAMA on Vaccines

    Medical Journal Articles on the Dangers of Vaccines

    For those with a mind open enough to do some homework, below please find a collection of medical journal articles dealing with the dangers and ineffectiveness of vaccines.

    If your doctor refuses to discuss not vaccinating your child, suggest that he read these peer-reviewed articles. If he still insists on inoculating your child, you might want to find another pediatrician.


    Pancreatis Caused by Measles, Mumps, and Rubella Vaccine Pancreas vol. 6 no 4 1991 [2]

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    Risk of Aseptic Meningitis after Measles Mumps and Rubella Vaccine In UK Children (Lancet April 93 Pgs. 979)

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    Bilateral Hearing Loss After Measles and Rubella Vaccination In An Adult (NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE July 11, 1991 pg 134) [1pg]

    Reports of Sensorineural deafness after measles, mumps, and rubella immunization Arch of Disease in Childhood 1993:69 [2 pgs.] There have been 9 reports of Sensorineural hearing loss after MMR immunization. In three cases the deafness was unrelated .In six cases the cause was unknown but MMR remained a possible aetiology.

    oCase 1: This girl developed a rubella form rash 25 days after immunization. Three days later she developed vomiting and malaise. On revue, a week later, she exhibited poor balance. Nine weeks later she was found to respond poorly to sound. She had stopped speaking for the proceeding two weeks. oCase 2: This boy's father suffered flu like illness at the same time that the boy was unwell after immunization. His mother noticed his poor hearing but attributed it to inattention and did not seek medical advice. He also has amblyopia and learning difficulties. oCase number 9: This boy became deaf four months after immunization. Mumps antibody titers measured at this time and one month later showed a significant rise. oTwo of the cases not related .One child was deaf before vaccination and the other never received vaccinations the rest listed could be possibly related to MMR vaccine.


    Is RA27/3 Rubella immunization a cause of chronic fatigue (MEDICAL HYPOTHESES 1988 27 pgs. 217-220) [4pgs]

    Abstract- Patients with chronic fatigue syndrome (primary fibrositis syndrome, major affective disorder ,etc.) have elevated IgG serum antibodies to multiple common viruses. Only IgGrubella antibodies are positively correlated with the intensity of symptoms and have a height that is clearly significant compared to healthy controls. The lymphotrophic properties of the rubella virus could account for the multiple elevated antibodies. Adult women are over-represented in the population of patients with chronic fatigue, and are especially susceptible to developing such symptoms following exposure to attenuated rubella new more potent strain of live rubella vaccine strain RA27/3 (my.02 this vaccine is the one using the aborted fetal tissue cells) was introduced in 1979. Within three years, reports of patients with chronic fatigue began surfacing in the literature. Considering all this, the possible role of rubella immunizations in the etiology of chronic fatigue syndrome deserves further study.

    Rubella Vaccination of Hospital Employees (this talks about low immunization rate in doctors) JAMA Feb.20,1981 Vol 245 No 7 [2pgs]

    Two Syndromes Following Rubella Immunization (Suggests a polyneuropathy in both syndromes) (JAMA 1970 Vol 214 no 13) [5pgs.]

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    Gamma Globulin Prophylaxis; Inactivated Rubella Virus; Production and Biologics Control of Live Attenuated Rubella Virus Vaccines (this is contains info on the use of human aborted fetal tissue cells in rubella vaccine) Amer J Dis Child 1969 vol 118 [10 pgs] I am just going to point out a few things in this article. The first part deals with gamma globulin. The part of interest is the end where there is a discussion between doctors and researchers, one being the famous Dr. Sabin. They begin discussing the possible dangers of the aborted fetal tissue cells (they also discuss animal use and its dangers) with possible genetic material passed over into the vaccine. Also human leukemia viruses. They start discussing the aborted fetus used in the WI-38 cell (this is the fetus tissue cells they use to grown the disease on it is lung cells [diploid]). I am going to type part of this discussion.

    Dr. K McCarthy: It seems to me that there are two things that we worry about in regards to WI-38 cell substrate. First of all, presence of extraneous viral agents; secondly, the possibility of there being human genetic material passed over into the vaccine. I wonder if there is any information about the reasons for aborting that particular embryo that gave rise to WI-38; and if it was from a family, whether we have any information about siblings from the family and whether they are normal?

    Dr. S Plotkin, Philidelphia: I should like to answer Dr. McCarthy's question. This fetus was chosen by Dr. Sven Gard, specifically for this purpose. Both parents are known, and unfortunately for the story, they are married to each other, still alive and well, and living in Stockholm, presumably. The abortion was done because they felt they had too many children. There were no familial diseases in the history of either parent, and no history of cancer specifically in the families; I believe this answers Dr. McCarthy's question.

    Dr Sabin goes on to say that this issue (objections to their use) is based on emotion rather than reason. He then goes on talk about how in theory something may show up later that we do not have the technology now to discover (my .02 we all know they did not discover SV40 right away). Also he talks about a number of researchers and the national Cancer Institute are developing a program to determine whether the leukemia sarcoma complex that has been now been so well characterized in avian species and in mice may also have its counter part in human beings. (The discussion goes into further detail.)

    Production and Testing of Rubella Virus Vaccine (more on the use of aborted fetal tissue cells) Amer J Dis Child 1969 Vol 118 pg. 367 [5 pgs]

    The in vitro growth of rubella virus in human embryo cells (more on aborted fetal tissue) Am J of Epidemiology Vol 81 no 1 [7pgs]

    Studies of Immunization With Living Rubella Virus (more on aborted fetal tissue) Amer J Dis Child vol 110 Oct 1965 [7pgs] This fetus was from a 25 year old mother exposed to rubella 8 days after last menstrual period. Sixteen days later she developed rubella. The fetus was surgically aborted 17 days after maternal illness and dissected immediately. Explants from several organs were cultured and successful cell growth was achieved from lung, skin, and kidney. It was then grown on WI-38. This new vaccine was tested on orphans in Philadelphia.

    Attenuation of RA 27/3 Rubella virus in WI-38 Human Diploid Cells (more on use of aborted fetal tissue) Amer J Dis Child Vol 118 1969 [7 pgs] Explant cultures were made of the dissected organs of a particular fetus aborted because of rubella, the 27th in our series of fetuses aborted during the 1964 epidemic. The third explant, which happened to be from kidney, was selected arbitrarily for further study.

    Serological Evidence of Reinfection among Vaccinees During Rubella Outbreak Lancet Vol 336 pg. 1071 [1pg]


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    Neurological disorders Following Live Measles-Virus Vaccination (JAMA March 1973, Vol 223 No 13) [4pgs] Abstract: From 1963 through 1971, eighty four

    Source(s): Medical Journal Articles
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