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Why are news portals and headlines off yahoo, etc always screaming a headline at you and when you click on it

you find out it's in some foreign country which makes the story almost meaningless?

Like i give a crap that 52 passengers refused to get off a commercial airplane in china. Why didn't the headline state that is was in china?

Or a headline might say "Man Kills Family and self after 12-hour stand- off with police " and you find out it happened in Samoa.

Or you're told that there is an Axe Murderer on the lose who eats his victims. And not until you read half the article to you learn that it's in Madagascar.


What's next? Will the Dallas Cowboys play half the season in Tahiti?

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    I have noticed that to, yahoo is getting into news and sports big time, and they are trying to make sure you read about here first, in the future I am afraid it will just get worse

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