what is corruption?

please help me!!

what is corruption as a morall issue?

what are the kinds of it?

is it morally wrong?

how can you say that a thing or someone is corrupt?

please help me!!..i need it immediately..


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    corruption is morally wrong if its done on purpose. for example, if a guy takes a girl's virginity by telling her it will make her more popular, and the more people she sleeps with, the better, then he is corrupting her. so people can corrupt each other. also, public figures are referred to as corrupt. for instance, Clinton was "corrupt" in sleeping with monica lewinski. cops can be corrupt by also doing drugs or police brutality.

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    Corruption is like an acid that insidiously destroys the fabric of society. It is the result of people misusing their authority for their own selfish benefit. It is a lot more destructive than people realize.

    Look at the sad shape of Mexico. Millions flee every year because their economy is in shambles. There is no excuse for this. Every facet necessary for a strong, vibrant economy is present in Mexico. They have huge, natural resources, deep sea ports, an enviable climate, lots of land for agriculture, a young work force, a practically perfect geographic location, and other desirable factors. And yet, Mexico is poor. The main reason for this is corruption (with a bit of incompetence thrown into the mix).

    Many international corporations won't do business in Mexico because of the corruption, where it can take months to get something approved that should take 30 seconds. Corruption means that you have to bribe everyone in sight, and the flip side is that you don't get the stability and protection you need to run a business properly because you can't trust the police or the workers.

    Corruption is a moral issue because it affects everyone around you. You can't be corrupt in isolation. The effects are widespread.

    Corruption can even be aesthetic. In Rio de Janeiro, there is an incredibly ugly hotel on Ipanema beach. The only reason it got built is that someone paid off the person who approves construction plans, who in turn was paid off by the person who was promoting that design. Now everyone has to suffer by seeing the landscape marred by this architectural abomination.

    Corruption can be as close as the town you live in. Let's say you own some land and some slimy land developer comes along and bribes the town officials to let them build on your land. The town government invokes some legal nonsense to wrest the land from you, and turns it over to the developer. This has been done lately under the term, "eminent domain".

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    You should go to dictionary.com for the definition. Or dogpile.com for some ideas. I am in an ethics class for business and that is how I usually find my answers. Or use the class' book.

    Anyhow, I believe corruption is when someone tries to influence someone or actually does get soomeone else to do something that is bad (or illegal).

    It's morally wrong b/c people shouldn't try to get other people to do bad things. They should focus their energy on doing something good, like finding a cure for breast cancer or helping hungry children if they have that extra time on their hands.

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    Corruption is a practice of stealing money from the funds in the government, private, and other sectors. Just like what's happening in the Philippines, a lot of government officials are practicing corruption getting money from the public then put it into their big pockets.

    That's a good question... Keep it up

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    Corruption is a result of immoral individuals. It's more a collective attribute.

    Corruption can start with one selfish individual and influence the whole organization : government and businesses and even familes

    ...ok I don't want to write your homework for you but you get the idea !

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    the word can be used to describe anything that has been changed from its origanal purpose to fit someones selfish needs ex.

    the goverment is corrupt because it was made to help people, but poiliticians change and warp it so it helps only the people who they think desirve it

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    can be defined as mis-use of authority in one's own benefit, many types from white collar crimes to forfeiting etc. look for google .com for more help

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