Do I give my daughter a wedding gift and a reception dinner?

My daughter is getting married out of state. Some of my family members will be attending the wedding. She and her husband- to- be are solely paying for the wedding on their own. She will be coming home in August as a married couple. I will be giving her a reception so all other members can attend.

My question is, Do I give her a wedding gift when I attend her wedding out of state? Or does my reception dinner cover that gift?

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    I would put about $100-200 in an envelope at her out of state event as well. The reason why is that she may not have asked you for the reception at home---this may have been your idea. Secondly, it's obvious that she and her husband could have afforded it. So, I'd put some cash in the envelope just to be safe.

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    If I were your daughter, I would know what your finances are, and would not be expecting a lavish gift on top of paying for another reception.

    But I would hope for something inexpensive of the keepsake variety. Is there something that you have from your wedding, that you can give to her to use in hers? Or can you think of something to buy new of that kind? Do you have some talent, like painting, or scrapbooking that you could use to make something for her, or know someone who does?

    Could you slip her a lttle cash just before she leaves on the honeymoon, call it emergency money or souvenir money? It would not have to be much, $50 or less, just so she could call home if their were a problem.

    More on keepsakes: a silver frame? An engraved item from someplace like Things Remembered? Your Grandmother's hand tatted handkerchief that she gave to your Mother on her wedding day? a picture of you on your wedding day?

    Or do something sweet for the new couple, when they come home, like help fix up the new house or apartment, give them a gift card to the paint store, or volunteer your time to help. If they do not need or want help there, do support for them when they are rehabbing, or moving in. Take over a nice lunch or supper. Or cater a candlelit dinner some night for them.

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    if you can afford it give them a nice gift also.traditionally the parents of the bride paid for the wedding ,reception,rehearsal dinner,and gave a generous gift as well.times have changed and many couples live together for long periods of time before marriage and with the very high divorce rate many are not inclined to spend money so lavishly any more.maybe if couples were more devoted to their marriage and were faithful and committed we would see the classic traditional weddings gain popularity again.weddings should be special but the marriage is what is important!!!! good luck with everything!!!!!

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    I do not think so. Give her something personal. Like starting a family album for them. Put pictures of her in there and leave room for some of his. They can start adding their own later. My mother gave me my grandmothers sewing kit. It means so much to me. She did it with just her and I before my wedding.

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    It's really up to you - you are spending a lot already - but a nice gift that they can keep in remembrance is special too... we recently did a wedding for our step-daughter and paid for most of it, and also gave them a gift of "framed art" for their home, in addition to everything else. I know it hangs proudly there, and they enjoy having it. It wasn't that much more (I found it on sale) but it means a lot to them.

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