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Why won't the dems let us drill for oil or build nuclear power plants? They say it will take 10-12 years ...

They say it will take 10-12 years to produce lower prices at the gas pumps. If that's the case, why did Bill Clinton veto drilling 14 years ago? Doesn't make sense, does it!

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    Idk. I'm so pissy about gas prices, I'm going green. I hate to say it, but not necessarily because I'm all that concerned about the environment, it just pisses me off to pay such an outrageous amount for gas/energy. My NIPSCO (heating/cooling/electric) bill last month was $399 and I don't live in a mansion or anything, just an old house with poor insulation and old windows. Regardless, wtf?! I turned off the air and I'm making everyone in my house sweat because I refuse to give those ridiculous people my money. We need to forget about drilling and put all of our money into improving alternative energy sources like ethanol, wind, and solar power. Crude oil is only going to become more and more expensive, and look who we're giving our money too...the middle east...eff that! We need to jump ship on them and find other ways to power our lives before they drive our country into a depression.

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    Saying they won't let i happen is wrong.They made the regulations so tough that it might not be profitable.So why would anybody spend all thier resources that might not turn a profit for many years to come?Not that I think all enviormrntal laws are bad.Think about if they were to bulid a nuclear power plant or oil refinery near you.Would you be all for lesser restrictions?I will tell you this the companys that bulid these plants or drill for this oil cares only about profit.If you were to be harmed by it they would point out how they were in withen the laws written!The current situation is proving that the laws may need to be revisted to lessen some red tape.

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    The drilling for oil is actually in President Bush's order to advance, he must rescind the previous order signed by his father that prohibits new offshore drilling. If he does that, and the Democrats block it, then it's the Democrats fault.

    As far as nuclear power, environmentalists don't want people to know that great advancements in nuclear technology have been made since the accident at Three Mile Island, and those advancments make it much safer than it used to be. Is it 100% safe? No, nothing is. Personally, I think it's better than giving money to OPEC to aid in our destruction.

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    Lots of oil drilling going on in the US. Increase in the number of active rigs, increase in the number of workover rigs, 300% increase in drilling permits on federal lands, over 10,000 drilling permits issued in the last 5 years. The ban on offshore drilling was not a Clinton idea, the executive order was signed by Bush Sr. and recently reaffirmed by Bush Jr. I would agree with you on the nuclear side. Maybe it is time to take another hard look at nuclear with the advancements in technology that could make it safer. There is still the concern over the long term storage of the radioactive spent fuel though.

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    They Say:

    1. Drill current leases ( 3% of the total, and there's no oil there)

    2. They say oil companies dont want to drill to keep prices up. ( then why are the lining up to bid for iraqi oil contracts

    3. They say it's speculation in the US markets ( Oil is a world market)

    3. They hate "big oil" (Exxon 42 billion) but support policy that dictates we send 74 billion to the Saudi's)

    4. They say it's not supply/demand. (Try selling your used SUV for full value today)

    5. They say we have plenty of oil ( Dem policies have resulted in the lowest U.S. oil output since the 1940's

    6. They say we should be "green" (Ok, fine i'm all for it. Where can I buy a car that runs on solar or wind ? It will be much longer than 10 years before we can afford a green car

    Not 1 Democratic Idea will produce 1 more drop of oil

    Since they know all these facts, maybe the real answer can be found here. In the words of Patrick Moore, cofounder of Greenpeace!

    They are not capable of seeing truths.

    Drill here! Drill Now

    Sign this!

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    Democrats a liars.

    Many economists say just announcing the opening of new areas would send shockwaves through the speculators and drive prices down.

    Besides, if we don't drill now in ten years gas will be 10/gallon

    Edit: Lawerence, he stated he would as soon as he gets a green light from congress.

  • They want to throw billions of dollars at alternatives which will take just as long or longer.

    That's our tax dollars.

    Let the Oil Companies invest their own money in getting oil and let Electric Companies do the same.

    Meanwhile,let the people working on alternatives invest their money in their products and bring them to market.

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    Election year...only reason...politics 101 pure and simple. Think about this...10 years from now...when they are saying STILL...but it will take 10 years to drill etc....will you believe them then....or will you see it for what it really is....BULL SH*# Another writwer says..elder Bush was the signer...was Carte and the Democratically controlled Congress....Then extended by Billy I got a Cigar..Clinton.look it up...not...BUSH. Tagger

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    The politicians are demagoging the energy issue; they are not interested in formulating a sensible energy policy for our country. They are interested only in short-term fixes and votes in the next election.

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    The left wing liberal loonies are totally wacked out.

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