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Bruce Lee: you see? because,m unfortunately, such a thing does exist in this world, you see. like, I don't know, in a certain part of the country, right? where they think that, business wise, it's a risk. and I don't blame them--I don't blame them.I mean, in the same way, it's like in Hong Kong, if a foreigner came and became a star, if I were the man with the money, I probably would have my own worry of whether or not the acceptance would be there. but that's all right because, if you honestly express yourself, it doesn't matter, see? because you're going to do it!

Pierre: how 'bout the other side of the coin? is it possible that you, I mean you're fairly hip, and fairly Americanized, are you too western for our oriental audiences do you think?

Bruce Lee: I--oh man!--like how....I have been criticized for that!

Pierre: you have, eh?

Bruce Lee: oh, definitely. let me say this: when I do the Chinese film I'll try my best not to be as.....American as, you know, I have been adjusted to for the last 12 years in the states. but when I go back to the states, it seems to be the other way around, you know what I mean?

Pierre: you're too exotic, eh?

Bruce Lee: yeah, man. I mean they're trying to get me to do too many things that are really for the sake of being exotic. you understand what I'm trying to say?

Pierre: oh sure.

Bruce Lee: so, it's really, I mean....

Pierre: when you live in both worlds, it brings its problems as well as its advantages, and you've got them both. let me ask you whether the change in attitude on the part of the Nixon administration towards china has helped your chances of starring in an American TV series?

Bruce Lee: (laughs) well, first of all, this happened before that.

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