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Toe, 去哪裡看醫生?

My big toe was hurt (no injury, no twisting). The skin had no cut, but touched on floor, very painful and swelling for 2 wks. When touching on toe skin slightly, already painful like needle, like electric shock. (X-ray, no needle inside). My family doctor didnt know how to cue.

Any good family doctor to introduce? Shall i see skin or bone specialist? Or see private hospital (St. Paul or HK Santarium? ) I want HK side. Please help. Very desperate.

Thank you so much!

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    I believe you do not need to go to the hospital, just a normal skin doctor can cure. If they cannot, at least they can refer you to a specialist.

    Sorry I do not want to give names of doctor because I do not want to sound like advertising for those doctors, but my husband got the same problem and what he did was just seeing a normal family doctor and took medicine for 6 months, then no more pain afterwards.

    Therefore I think your problem is not uncommon and should be cured easily by normal doctor, and if not, certainly by a skin doctor.

    All the Best

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    大腳趾腫脹左2週,都唔簡單,可以要see 鐵打或物理治療

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    一般而言, 是屬於骨科範疇, 建議找私家骨科醫生或由任何一位西醫轉介政府骨科都可以!

    請早日求醫, 及早接受適當治療吧!


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    Shame on yr family doctor, evern s/he doesn't know how to heal, s/he at least should know which specialist should refer you to. I think s/he is just being irresponsible rather than ignorant

    From common sense, neurology (神經科) sound a bit make sense for you. Better see another GP and ask for a referral letter. At most the GP can only give you some pain-killer, cannot help so much.

    You can also consider 針灸

    Dsiclaimer: the above advice is just from a passing-by

    Finally, wish u prompt recovery

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