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? asked in 社會及文化語言 · 1 decade ago

邀請英文高手挑戰難度, 6句中文改寫為英文

各位朋友 :

本人不是英文高手, 可是很想見多識廣, 請給以下6句改寫為英文,

謝謝 !

1. 一個穿了男裝睡衣和女裝短裙的人, 因為突發性的失禁, 正在人來

人往大街的公廁門外猶疑著, 遺擇合適性別的廁格.

2. 肥人吃大魚; 大魚食細魚; 細魚吃小蝦; 小蝦吃甚麼 ?

3. 床前明月光. 疑是地上霜. 舉頭望明月. 低頭思故鄉.

4. 百歲老翁年老多病, 每天靠著一雙枯黑的十指和無力的雙腿涉

足到漆黑的後巷, 尋找那污穢的紙皮.

5. 患難可使真情顯 ; 苦難方證生命真.

6. 男人一生向女人所許下的承諾, 多不 勝數, 幾乎連他自己忘了。

男人知道, 女人的愛情, 離不開承諾, 沒有承諾, 就是沒有將來。

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    1. Has put on the men's clothing night clothes and the female attire tutu person, because of the burst characteristics incontinence, the crowded avenue's public toilet wrong side of the door is hesitating, loses selects the appropriate sex the restroom standard.

    2. The fat person eats the big fish; Big fish food thin fish; The thin fish eats the small shrimp; What does the small shrimp eat?

    3. Before the bed, bright moonlight light. Doubts is the ground frost. Raises the head looks at the bright moonlight. Lowers the head thinks of the hometown.

    4. Hundred year old man old sickly, every day closes right up against one pair of dry black ten figures to step in with the incapable both legs to the jet black back lane, seeks for that contamination the leatheroid.

    5. The adversity may cause the true feelings obviously; The misery side card life is real.

    6. Man life the pledge which promises to the woman, has numerous number, linked him to forget nearly.

    The man knew that woman's love, cannot leave the pledge, had not pledged, will not have the future.

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    1. One of the men's pajamas to wear short skirts and dresses of the people, the incontinence because of sudden, people are

    People to the streets outside the hesitation of the public toilets, leaving optional appropriate gender cubicles.

    2. Fat people to eat fish, small fish fresh fish; Yuchi small shrimp, shrimp eat what

    3.Suspected ground frost. Wang cited the first moon. Bow think hometown.

    4. 100 elderly and sick man, every day rely on a pair of Kuhei Ten and the inability for the legs

    Enough to pitch-dark back alleys to find the filthy paper Paper.

    5. The truth will enable significant distress; suffering to permit real life.

    6. Men to the life of a woman by the commitments undertaken, and more numerous, even his own almost forgotten.

    Men know that women love can not be achieved without commitment, lack of commitment, that is not the future.

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