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十分火急!!!商用英文自我介紹 my job











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    Hello everyone,

    It is my pleasure to introduce me to you all. I am a cram school teacher. I have been one for (寫你當了多久) years. Most of my contacts have been parents and students ranging from the first grader to the third grader of junior high school. My job includes giving lectures, testing, and most of all, solving problems from lectures or tests. All of my lectures are based on what they learn in school. By this way, not onlycan I provide students with reviewing from what they learn in school, but also previewing on what they are about to learn. From my point of view, reviewing and previewing are the key elements to succeed in schooling. In addition, phone interviews to students and administration are parts of my job description. All in all, I like teaching very much and I love to see students succeed in their lives. Thank you for your listening.

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    I am a cram school teacher, because of my job, I need to contact with junior high school students and their parents.and my job content is to help students to warm up and review the lessons and give them some quizes, besides that, I also need to solve their all kind of problems , especially their lessons in school.I like this job not only it is my interesting but also can get more experiences to get along with students, that's why I choose this job.




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