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What do I have to do to become a succesful, rich, famous actress?

Just asking, lol

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    Where can i find an agent and acting gigs for me, a 15 year old girl?

    Forget about the fame for the time being. Fame is something that happens to a very, very, very, very, very, very small percentage of people, so it's better if you get into it because you really love it.

    In order to find that out, you need some experience. You can get that in a number of different ways. One way is to start to take some acting classes to learn the craft of acting. In those classes you will learn that it is in fact a craft and you will do exercises in front of the class, together with classmates and eventually you will get to do scenes. You will learn how to prepare a character, how to memorize your lines and that learning the line is only a small part of being an actress.

    You can also just get some pictures taken and register with some agencies that cast for extras. Or you could register with websites that have breakdowns and projects that you can submit for. If you do that though, don't expect to get great parts. One reason is because you have no experience. The other is that to get good parts you need an agent. To get an agent though you have to be able to act at least a little bit.

    If I were you, I would start taking some classes and try and if there are any student films you can submit for or extra work, you could do that along side your classes. Those things will give you an idea of whether you even like it or not.

    Another thing you will need is some networking and business skills to get yourself noticed.

    But whatever you do, at your age, keep you parents involved. There are a lot of people out there who just prey on young people who know nothing and try and take advantage.

    Have a look at this page on my website for new and aspiring actors. On it you will find links to 23 pages that have to do with different aspects of starting an acting career including how to get an agent, what exact steps you could take to get your career started, where to find work as an extra, 23 reason why to take acting classes and how to choose a school.

    And remember, fame is a consequence of a lot of hard work if it ever comes at all. Fame is not a goal.

    Good luck!


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    In order to be all of those things you have to be in it for other reasons. You have to be able to genuinely enjoy what you do. If you don't then all the fame and fortune won't mean a thing....I don't speak from experience though. It's only my opinion. I can say, however, that I wouldn't be an actor if I didn't love it. If I never got paid again I would still do it.

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    I don't think we're allowed to write the truth on here.

    The parental controlled version:

    have a lot of luck,

    have some talent,

    work on your skills (singing, dance, languages, etc.),

    Network, Network, Network,

    Work, Work, Work, and more Work


    and be at the right place at the right time with the right look, with the right attitude and the right skills.

    Not that I'd know. But, it's probably a good guess.

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    Work, work and more work. Then work some more, and keep at it. Luck is only a result of being a hard worker and getting yourself out there, building up experience, networking, etc.

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    you have to have passion and be wiling to live in gross conditions for several years before you get discovered.

    FYI: you will NEVER make it. you only want to be 'rich & famous'. you are a disgrace to serious actors everywhere.

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    More like who do you have to do.

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    be lucky.

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