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Proper form to request an IFR to VFR-on-top clearance?

An example: lets say I am at Long Beach airport with a 1500 foot ceiling with tops at 2500 and want to fly to San Francisco VFR - on - top at lets say 8,500 ft..

how would I request that specific clearance from clearance delivery?

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    David, this would not be a good idea. This is a heavily traveled route. You would have to start with an IFR flight plan, get on top and then cancel the IFR. Then, on approach the SFO area you would need to advise FAA of your intentions. You might end up being brought into the SFO area via LAS or SEA. There is just too much traffic enroute and at the terminal end.

    Go play around somewhere where there is not so much traffic.



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