Skate board Bearings?

are Lucky Abec 7 Bearings good for street skating

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    A lot of trick skaters prefer slower bearings, but if you are doing street style and/or just trying to get around town quickly, 7s are OK (a good balance).

    The problem with metal bearings is they wear out, and they need to be cleaned and eventually replaced. Ceramic bearings are pretty much indestructible, in my experience.

    My friend and I are speed demons, and he is a mechanic for a pro-FWD race team, so, needless to say... we've looked into this. The fastest bearings in the world, as far we know, are the VXB full ceramics. Most skate shops don't even know about them. You have to order them on line.

    They are extremely expensive (like $200/set!). I saw some on Ebay for cheaper...

    They also sell hybrid ceramics (ceramic bearings with a metal race). They are more affordable but almost as good. That's what I use on my longboard, and I rode them through 2 brutal Philadelphia winters and they are still as fast as the day I installed them. Ceramic is much harder than steel and it doesn't rust, so they don't care about rain/mud/dirt/grime. It just pulverizes the dirt into dust and kicks it back out.

    These are the ones I use:

    For a skater who rides every day, rain or shine, sleet or snow,

    ceramics are a must.

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    There good but you can get bones reds for the same price and there better

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    yea dude gives you good comfort wen your grinding to...skate or die...............

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    Yes! They are the BEST!

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    Idk But I guess ask some1 @ a local sk8 shop or sum sk8rs.

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