What should my dns number be for my laptop?

First off, it's a IBM Thinkpad, X20. The internet was working in it before. Recently, the harddrive in my desktop computer crashed, and so I've been doing stuff with the router 'n other stuff. Anyway, now, my laptop gets a full SIGNAL, (like it gets 5 green bars) but whenever I go to a webpage on Firefox or IE, it says the server can't be found/can't display the page. I've called my ISP support line, my router support line, and the IBM support line. The router support line guy told me to call the ibm support & get a correct DNS #. THEY said they cant help me cause I run Win. 2k. on it. If you could provide any numbers you think would help (i.e.- ip, dns, subnet mask, default gateway, whatever) and tell me where to put em, that would be great help. The router is a Wireless G made by Belkin. The modem is a Westell router. ((my connection looks like this-- wire from wall to modem, wire from modem to router, wire from router to desktop, and antenna, for broadcasting up to my laptop)) Thx.

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    The DNS (Domain Name Server) is usually part of your Internet Service Provider's (ISP) system. Ask them for its IP address. I'm surprised your router tech support didn't tell you that.

    Hope that helps.

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    Normally the IP, Gateway and DNS are all from the ISP and are in the modem. From the modem they are passed to the Router automatically and then from the router to the Computer. Unless there is a problem with the router not being able to obtain an IP address automatically, there is no reason to change any of the settings in the router or computer. Should go into the network devices of the computer and set the TCP/IP properties to auto in both sections. In the router setup the IP address should be set to DHCP. The wireless or output should be set to factory default. The only change needed is security for the wireless and the login password on the router. These should be done only after first getting open connection.

  • 4 years ago

    I had this problem so ANNOYING right i tryed doing a buch of elabrate stuff but turns out all i had to do wa switch my browser

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