which name do you think flows best?

okay so it was a family tradition to name the first boy's midle name carroll and that was my dad his name was Robert Carroll he died recently after i announced i was pregnant and i decided to name the baby after him if it were a boy i would have the middle name Robert and if it is a girl i will have the middle name Carol (i don tlike the double letters so i changed it) well this is our fourth and last child and with our first baby we said we wanted it to be a suprise but we caved and found out that it was a girl and we have caved everytime but now we are not going to this will be a suprise so here is the list of names i have chosen


Kelsey Carol (i know it doesn't flow but i just love the name kelsey)

Mallory Carol

Shelby Carol

Olivia Carol

Bridget Carol

Amber Carol


Tristan Robert

Seth Robert

Mark Robert

Mathew Robert

Luke Robert

Jordan Robert

Kevin Robert

tell me you faves and least faves and any other suggestions


my other kids are

Alexis Brooke

Lauren Elizabeth

Brett Tyler

my name is Emily Nicole

my hisband's: Craig Jacob

make sure it doesn't clash to much but i dont care if it goes together extremely well

Update 2:

i left off one what about Carson Robert

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    Kelsey Carol actually does "flow" - and a lot better than the rest of them. Other than Amber, I really don't like any of the names you've chosen for girls. I especially don't like Shelby as that was the name of Julia Roberts' character who died in the movie "Steel Magnolias." Olivia is OK, but I think of Bill Cosby or "The Color Purple."

    Tristan is an awesome name! Too bad it doesn't flow so well with the name Robert. Seth, Mark and Matthew all seem to fit all right, though.

    But why listen to me? We're naming our boy Ezequiel Angel (pronounced A-Za-Key-elle On-hel).

    Source(s): My opinion.
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    Favs: Mallory Carol, Olivia Carol, SethRobert, Matthew Robert.

    Least FAvs: Amber Carol

  • Kelsey Carol ~ like you said, it doesn't flow. How about Kelsia?

    Mallory Carol ~ adorable and flows well

    Shelbey Carol ~ cute and flows ok

    Olivia Carol ~ don't really like the name Olivia, but it does flow nicely.

    Bridget Carol ~ don't like Bridget, but it flows

    Amber Carol ~ doesn't flow very well.

    Tristan Robert ~ doesn't flow

    Seth Robert ~ it's okay

    Mark Robert ~ doesn't flow

    Matthew Robert ~ Flows well, but Matthew is really popular

    Luke Robert ~ doesn't flow very well, but it's not too bad

    Jordan Robert ~ flows well

    Kevin Robert ~ flows well

    Favorites: Mallory Carol & Kevin Robert

    Least favorites: Bridget Carol & Mark Robert

    Good luck, best wishes and congrats!

  • nnm
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    1 decade ago

    first of all, i have to say it is a really nice move to name your kid after your dad.

    to the point, if it's a girl, you're right about kelsey. i love it! but, only if you're going to keep the carol part on the papers. if you want to call her with both names, forget about it.. too bad..

    my least fave would by mallory, shelby is also strange to me, cause there are some dolls, like mini-barbies called like that.

    i do like bridget, but i think amber sound a little strange.. i think i would go with olivia. it fits perfectly with carol and is also a beautiful name

    if it's a boy, i really like mark and mathew. my least faves would be seth, luke and kevin, and also i've never heard a boy named jordan. although it would be perfect for a girl!

    i also like tristan, it's like from a fairytale (maybe because of the movie..)

    so, have fun naming your baby

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  • Ace
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    1 decade ago


    Bridget Carol

    Shelby Carol


    Seth Robert

    Luke Robert


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Girl: Bridget Carol

    Boy:Mark Robert

  • 1 decade ago

    I, too, love the name Kelsey. you could use Kelsey Robert, although i like Kelsey Carol. I love all your girl names except Amber. (you and i have much of the same taste). You could use Carolyn Roberta.

    For the boys, I love Tristan, Seth and Jordan. The others are too popular for me. Do you like Caiden, Avery, Elliot, Gavin, or Logan. you could use Robert for a middle name for all of these.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i love the names mallory carol and bridget carol. what about carol for a first name? maybe you like carol kelsey. i personally think its cute. i also like the name natalie carol. for a boy, i like the name tristan robert. another cute name is robert luke. i dont like luke robert as much though. hope i helped!

  • 1 decade ago

    Olivia carol and Tristan robert

  • 1 decade ago

    i like Kelsey Carol, Olivia Carol

    not too crazy about any of those boy names: how about Landon Robert instead of Tristan (more for like a girl) how about Trenton Robert?

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