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I get this error when I boot up my computer: err2err3?

All of a sudden my computer is giving me this error: err2err3 when I boot it up. What should I do? How do I fix it?

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    This error is specific to HP/Compaq computers (from what I've seen) and means your boot and MBR have been screwed up, probably by some dual boot software you've installed.

    Don't believe people who say the only way to fix it is to reinstall Windows.. That's just the easy way out and you lose all your information too.

    If you want to play around and try to fix it yourself, here's what you need to do to fix it: Find some way to get Partition Table Doctor either on a live boot CD or from a secondary hard drive installation. Once you have that, Scan the partition for errors and select fix boot... Then if you're running Vista get a copy of Vista Recovery Disc ( burn yourself a copy of the disc, and run it at the boot of your computer. Once the cd is loaded, click on REPAIR WINDOWS, select COMMAND PROMPT, then use this command: bootrec.exe /fixboot

    If that doesn't work use: bootrec.exe /rebuildbcd

    and see if your windows boots.

    IF you have windows XP, boot up with the Windows XP cd, select Repair (R), go into the command prompt (selecting which windows installation you want to modify) and then type this command: fixboot c:

    See if your computer boots now.... The important thing is to try to repair your boot which has been deleted or corrupted, that is why it gives the error: err2err3

    Try different recovery tools like Table Doctor in conjunction with your recovery cds (windows xp installation CD and Windows Vista Recovery Disc) .. See if you can get a good grasp of what the commands fixboot, fixmbr, and bootrec.exe can do for you by googling the terms.

    good luck.. any further questions just ask.

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    Need more info. but ur best bet without knowing more it to look up the error code on Microsofts website.

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    Run a good anti spyware program

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    get ccleaner it will help you out i use it its free i will give you th link well i cant sorry my enternet is messing up sorry ccleaner google it

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