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can someone tell me what kind of snake this might be?

my mom saw it and she's trying to figure out what it is. she said it was dark brown and light brown. She lookd up a picture and the closest thing she found was a southern water snake, but we dont live near water. she said the snake was about 5 feet long (not a rattlesnake). can anyone tell me what kind of snake this might be? pictures please


i live in alabama. a little north of birmingham to be specific. and im not sure what kind of markings it had. she didnt get that close.

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    milksnake, gaurder snake, or a copper head

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    Like the person above said, we need to know more specific answers. So we can ask ourselves the questions on what it is. Just becuz u dont live near water doesnt mean it is not a water snake.....what kind of pupils did it have slits or round? Were the markings criss cross or circular around the body??

    Anything else would really help out..

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  • brang
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    It does not journey the define of any venomous snakes in Louisiana, many snakes that are danger free have the potential to flaten thier heads to triangls making them look venomous. maximum likly it replaced right into a ribbon snake notwithstanding that's annoying to tell without seing the snake

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    you need to be more specific.. there are literally thousands of 5 ft long light and dark brown snakes that this could be... include your region where you found it and more detail of the shape of head and color scheme

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  • Dion J
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    There are hundreds of species of snakes worldwide that match that vague description.

    You should look in a field guide for your area.

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    google local snakes in your state

    thats all i got!

    You just described nearly half the snake world if not more.

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    could be a gardener snake, rat snake it all depends on where you live

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    I believe you are taliking about a gopher snake, or bullsnake. Same thing different names.

    Click on or copy and paste this link in your browser, here is a clear photo of one...is this it??


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    ill say bull or gutter snake

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