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Is it the law for dental offices to put lead aprons on patients during an x-ray?

I just moved to Maryland and went to a new dentist. It didn't dawn on me until I got home, but when they took a panoramic dental x-ray, they didn't put any kind of protection on me like a lead apron. I'm a 21 year old female and I'm worried that the radiation may have hurt my eggs or anything else that could affect my future children's health.

I am wondering if other dental offices don't put aprons on their patients also or if this is abnormal. The place looked really nice and the people were nice too, it's not like it was some gross scary place where neglect could happen. I will ask them next time I go which will be soon why they didn't put a lead apron on me, but until then I constantly worry about my future children's health. I don't know why I didn't think about this when I was there, but if I had I would have definitely spoken up.

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    As far as legalities, it varies by the state the technician is licensed in. It may have been an oversight or may not have been. But you are certainly entitled to request an apron in the future. As for if you were injured in some way, no, not at all. You have to understand that the amount of radiation used for dental xrays is so minute that you'd have to stand there for a week to have anything to worry about. I worked as a dental xray tech for several years and worked with several very careless people. I would estimate there were 50 times i was inadvertantly exposed over the years and after leaving the office I proceeded to have two perfectly healthy babies. Don't worry about this one experience but if you're uncomfortable at all, and you obviously are, make sure to request an apron from now on, it's your right.

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    With any X-Ray, the radiation can cause cells to mutate, there is no real protection to this, but the one thing they must prevent is that the mutation occurs in a cell that can be passed on to a child and cause defects in the next generation. That is why the lead apron is used to protect the ovaries. They can argue that the device was aimed away from your ovaries or something of the sort, but with every X-Ray it's a necessary precaution to protect these cells.

    Still, as I mentioned before it's a precaution..this means that your cells COULD have been damaged, but that's not necessarily true. The more you are exposed to radiation the worse it is, so for now you shouldn't worry too much, especially since worrying in itsself can also make the bosy sick.

    However, you should still make sure that the next time you are about to get an X-Ray to be careful to hav them give you the lead apron.

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    It is the law to put a lead apron on. I wouldnt worry though about damage from the radiation. It takes hundreds of x-rays before there is anything to worry about. The lead apron is just a precaution.

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  • You shouldn't sweat it. The lead vests are just a precautionary measure and not entirely necessary. The x-rays that they blasted through your skull were just that. Blasted through your skull. Very few of them made it down to your lower extremities and the few that did were less than you would be exposed to walking around on a sunny day. If you plan on having several x-rays performed in the upcoming year you could voice your concern to your doctor/dentist, but if not its honestly not a hazard to your unborn children. You body will repair the majority of any DNA damage that potential occured due to stray radiation.

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    I bet they just made a mistake, because as far as I know..it is mandatory. But I also have been told that the actual amount of radiation from exrays isn't that great, so don't be too worried about the effect from this one time. In the future though you should speak up if you notice it.

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    there's no law - we just do it so you don't freak out and think we are trying to kill you.

    the dosage of radiation you get from a dental xray is far less than what you get from standing in front of your microwave waiting on your popcorn...

    i wear a monitoring unit on my scrubs and it's analyzed monthly - i never even register - and i am in the room for many of the exposures.

    no worries.

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