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In the FAFSA it ask how much money you have in savings today. If you were to withdraw the money?

Essentially the questions is worded how much money you have in your savings account at this time. If you were to withdraw all of the money and keep it somewhere safe for a day and fill out the FAFSA then put the money back after submitting the FAFSA. They can't do anything right????

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    I'm pretty sure thats fraud... but let me know how it turns out because if it works I'll do it next year.

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    That's fraud. They can verify accounts. And you have to record the money elsewhere if you pull it out of the savings account -- it has to be listed as a CD, cash on hand, whatever you did with it.

    Fraud on FAFSA is a federal offense. No college aid whatsoever (ever), and more likely than cracking the books you'll be cracking eggs in the prison kitchen.

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