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Has anyone had dealings with horizon finance?

they are offering me loan, would appreciate if anyone out there who has dealt with them could give me any info on them? are the fair with decent rates?

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    This is NOT a good time to be taking out loans .. the economy is heading for recession, prices (especially fuel) are going up, jobs are being lost and you WILL find it MUCH harder to make things meet in the future .. so if you are desperate for a loan now, just image how worse it's going to be when you can't meet the payments and they come to repossess your house ....

    Don't do it .. visit Citizens Advise and see about an IVA (or Bankruptcy) .. that's where you are headed and you might as well take the pain now whilst you still have some faint hope of hanging onto some of your assets ...

    If you ignore all of the above, for God's sake don't take a loan from some random cowboy company that contacts YOU .. they will 100% rip you off ... either in excessive Interest rates or in fees and charges or both (in many cases you will pay their fees only to be told "sorry you don't qualify" .. so you may never get the loan)

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    Go to your local credit union, by pass the crappy finance companies. It is all a racket.

    Even if you have less than perfect credit if you open a savings account at a credit union you become a member.

    They then are invested in you. keep making regular weekly deposits, you can do this at $10.00 direct deposit if you have to from you check, then wait 90 days then, apply for a small loan or small car loan or whatever and see what happens.

    You will pay 1/2 the interest you would pay anywhere else

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  • What do you want a loan for? Why not work, save the money, and then spend it on what you need.

    Source(s): Works for me, and is much cheaper in the long run.
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