FBI Agent and Police Officer?

i really wanted everything it takes to become a police officer or an fbi agent

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    --- To become an FBI agent you must have earned at least a bachelors degree in a related subject. A Masters would give you a step up in the process.

    --- The FBI is a completely different animal from being a street cop, which I was. FBI agents are Federal Agents and have jurisdiction ONLY over federal law violations or crimes that occur on Federal Reservations, Military Reservations or Native American Reservations. Examples of federal crimes would be Bank Robbery, Kidnapping, Wire or Mail Fraud and Kiddie Porn.

    --- I have placed a link/url for the FBI online site where you can learn a lot more details about what the FBI does specifically/ See [a] in the source box. I also placed a link for the FBI employment page where you can see first hand what they are looking for and require / See [b] in the source box.

    --- I think you will find those pages very interesting and helpful. Also, If you decide the FBI isn't quite what you are looking for remember that the federal government has several law enforcement agencies. You can check their sites too, The Federal Marshalls [c], The CIA [d], Fish & Game, US Customs, Postal Inspector & Police, Capitol Police, The secret Service, Diplomatic Protective Services, White House Police, etc. I know the CIA has been actively recruiting on TV late at night on the science channels.

    --- I have found that detective or investigative work is best for people who appreciate and can handle "delayed gratification" , that is working slowly toward a goal over a long period of time.

    --- Whereas Street Police Officers are more oriented to instant or medium term gratification. Street cops see the crime and settle it right there. Or, settle it after a short investigation. They don't have to wait for 2 months to finish a case, anything longer than a day or two is passed to detectives.


    --- What it takes to be a street cop changes from agency to agency, however there are some things that are generally accepted. You will need a minimum of a 2 year degree in Criminal Justice or Police Science OR a related field. Actually they will accept just about any major as police work encompasses just about every facet of life. I know my agency even accepted a BA in Music on that principle.

    --- As I said a 2 yr degree....but a 4 year degree will get your a big step up over others.

    --- Obviously a clear criminal record and driving record are needed. A honorable discharge from the military will also be helpful as military service shows you have been trained in the need for discipline and honor.

    --- Then you will have to pass a written civil service exam, an oral exam, a physical exam, a medical and then psychological test and very often these days a polygraph test.

    --- You can prepare for some of these like the physical and the written test but others you cannot. There are study books for sale and sometimes in the library for civil service examinations. I have found that if you are taking a state civil service test you will find these study books very helpful, they often have a few of the actual questions in them. But you should choose the ones that fit and study them all as there may 2 or 3 that cover your test area such as :Police Officer, Police seargent, State Police, etc. All of those will have good info in them even if it doesn't show up in the test.

    --- Physical test prep.: Start running every day. get an airobics manual and work yourself up to at least 3 miles a day for a year. Then do weight training for strength & stamina, NOT muscle bulk. They are different.

    --- Oral exam: Think of any and everything negative they could find out about you, assume they know it and prepare a response to it and practice being hit with it so you don't look like you peed your pants when they ask you about your embarassing moment in life. Be honest, explain why it happened and how you have moved passed it and grown up. Also prepare to tell them your plans for life. They want to know that you will be planning a family there.

    --- Keep your nose clean and be a LISTENER and NOT A TALKER. Braggers are never appreciated and you can't be learning when you are blabbering. AND everyone, everyone has something worth learning, work at finding what it is. Call people by their names, people really do like that. All little but good things to know and remember for police work.

    Source(s): Retired Deputy Sheriff w/ 21 years experience [a] The FBI Site http://www.fbi.gov/ [b] FBI Employment Page http://www.fbijobs.gov/ [c] US Marshall's Service http://www.usmarshals.gov/ [d] CIA https://www.cia.gov/
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    Yes. Most police departments that require applicants to have college don't require any particular field of study. Getting a college degree is one of the best things that you can do. Many departments require applicants to have college. Some departments pay their officers more if they have a degree. Having a degree could also help you get promoted during your career. You must have at least a 4 year degree to become an FBI Special Agent. Any degrees that develop research and analytical skills are desirable educational backgrounds for FBI Special Agent candidates.

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    The basic requirements for an application to the Federal Bureau of Investigation or any law enforcement agency for that matter is above all else, proper tense.

    Also, the ability to place an inquiry without actually asking a question.

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    is ur brain functioning as well as Robert Muller when he was your age then your chance of becoming either are every high?

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    First you have to learn to write (i is I)

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    Thats nice, you should

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