use web-base DB instead of MS Access

I would like to know is it a better idea to use MYSQL instead of using MS Access to store a large amount of data?

anythings I needa be reminded before setting up a MYSql DB on the web server?


may I know the pros and cons this two DB tools too?

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    Yes. you can do it. The installation procedure is very easy. if you use linux platform, the folow the setup guildline below,

    if u want to use it in windows platform, there is a package including PHP, mYSQL, PHP and phpadmin. you can download from following url,

    AppServ 2.5.10

    Apache 2.2.8

    PHP 5.2.6

    MySQL 5.0.51b


    Download :

    MD5SUM : 279c0c39866fbecb8a3904969fd5d0f4

    One thing you should consider. When you creating tables, there are two types of table structure in MYSQL mainly use. if you make use transaction (i.e. begin tran, commit tran, rollback tran) and there is field reference between table, you should use INNODB table. it provides better transaction control so that it makes better data consistancy and not make database crash easily.

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    u means mysql vs access????

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    mysql pros:

    fast; reliable; no table size limit (actually it has. but the limit is very large); can store binary file easily; mulit-connection performance is good; has procedure.

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    mysql cons:

    compare with access, maintainance the db needs more DBMS knowledge and not easy to use (it is solved by using PHP admin tools/other mysql client program); need to write program to output the data in GUI format

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    both adv. and disadv.

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