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    曲名: Holding On

    演唱: Ferry Corsten & Shelley Harland

    歌詞: http://artists.letssingit.com/ferry-corsten-lyrics...

    收錄專輯: Right of Way

    專輯資訊: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Right-Way-Ferry-Corsten/dp...


    Disc: 1

    1. Sublime

    2. Whatever!

    3. Rock Your Body, Rock

    4. Right Of Way

    5. Kyoto

    6. Holding On (Ferry Corsten and Shelley Harland)

    7. Sweet Sorrow

    8. Hearts Connected

    9. Punk

    10. It’s Time

    11. Show Your Style Feat. Brigit

    12. Star Traveller

    13. Skindeep (Ferry Corsten and Shelley Harland)

    14. In My Dreams

    Disc: 2

    1. Punk (Live At Spundae)

    2. Punk (DJ Icey Remix)

    3. Rock Your Body Rock (DJ Dan Remix)

    4. Rock Your Body Rock (Poxy Music & Kid Kenobi Remix)

    5. Rock Your Body Rock (F Massif Remix)

    6. Rock Your Body Rock (Moby Remix)



    曲名: Only This Moment

    演唱: Royksopp

    歌詞: http://www.metrolyrics.com/only-this-moment-lyrics...

    收錄專輯: The Understanding

    專輯資訊: http://www.amazon.com/Understanding-R%C3%B6yksopp/...


    1. Triumphant

    2. Only This Moment

    3. 49 Percent

    4. Sombre Detune

    5. Follow My Ruin

    6. Beautiful Day Without You

    7. What Else Is There?

    8. Circuit Breaker

    9. Alpha Male

    10. Someone Like Me

    11. Dead To The World

    12. Tristesse Globale



    曲名: Among The Reed

    演唱: Velocity

    收錄專輯: Diary Of Sex And The City / TV Soundtrack (熟女慾望日記 / 電視原聲帶)

    專輯資訊: http://music.etgo.cn/album/10564/index.html


    01. Caf'de Flore [Charles Wevster's Latin Lovers Mix] [Doctor Rlckit]

    02. Among The Reed [Velocity ]

    03. Linda Cancao [片尾曲] [Barrio Jazz Gavg]

    04. I Love My Man [Lazyboy's Anyone For Tennis Mix] [Bent]

    05. Punjab [Karunesh]

    06. Foto Viva [片頭曲] [Mo'Horizons]

    07. Under My Sensi [Thievery Corporation Mix] [Boozoo Bajoo]

    08. Summer Sun [Koop]

    09. Saudade [Inside Mix] [Akmusique]

    10. Brazil [Rio'n'Blues Demo Version] [Mo'Horizons]

    11. Feel So Reel [Sierra]

    12. Shine [Gerd“Wide”Remix] [Dinerex]

    13. Essential [Move]

    14. Out Of The Dark [Nightlight] [Dedanka]

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    Ferry Corsten - Holding On


    Röyksopp - Only This Moment

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