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幫我回答一下有關The Kite Runner一書

The Kite Runner


1.Plot of the book?

2. Theme of the book?

3.setting of the book?

4. major character of the book?

還有可以用英文幫我說一 下大概內容嗎? (要自己寫的喔)


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    Amir - He is the narrator of the story who tells how he grew up in Afghanistan and the sins he had committed against his friend and half-brother, Hassan. It is his journey to redemption that…..

    Hassan - He is the best and kindest character in the story. He is Amir’s best friend and as Amir later learns, he is also his half-brother. He faces discrimination every day, because he is a…..

    Baba - He is Amir and Hassan’s father, but because it would be shameful to admit Hassan, a Hazara , was his son, the secret remains hidden long after his death. In Amir’s mind, he is larger than life, the man who….

    Ali - His character is that of the loyal servant to Baba and a father figure to both Hassan and Amir. He….

    Sohrab - He is Hassan’s son and the boy for whom Amir faces the Taliban to free. Like his father, he is raped by Assef and later betrayed by Amir. He even tries to commit suicide after Amir breaks…...

    Soraya - Amir’s wife, she, too, suffers from mistakes she made as a young woman, but accepts her humiliation for running away with a man and becomes a good, decent human being. She is denied ……

    Rahim Khan - He was Baba’s best friend and business partner and was a major part of Amir and Hassan’s life. He seems to understand Amir’s desperate need for his father’s approval and tries to fill the gap Baba…..

    Assef - He is the villain of the story, a Pashtun boy who bullies Amir and Hassan and tries to humiliate Ali. He has a sociopathic nature even as a boy and admires Hitler for what he had done in eliminating the…..

    這裡有給你 Plot 的解說

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    The theme of strength of character is the most prevalent theme. Amir commits terrible sins against his friend and half-brother, Hassan. The story of what he does and how he seeks and finds atonement is a lesson for everyone who wants to do find a way to be good again.

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    The theme of the resilience of the human spirit is also an important idea. Even though Amir has committed these sins, the inner strength that he had all along, but thought was somehow missing from his character, breaks though to allow him to find Sohrab and free him from the clutches of Assef.

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    In this …. Many additional themes are identified and discussed in the complete summary.


    The story takes place in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the United States from 1975 until the present day

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