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The New York Times不僅是全美國性質的報紙,也是國際性的報紙








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    The New York Times is not only the nature of the U.S. newspaper, is an international newspaper

    It is the authority of the Western media sector, the United States regardless of the local newspapers are also follow the direction of high school or university in the United States can see the sight of it, even Starbucks has its counters.

    It was recommended as long as movies or books, was shot as strong boost to the same

    And box office sales are above a certain standard to achieve, but also have access to all the awards.

    Political columnist (public opinion) has its definite influence U.S. politicians very Pata.

    In addition, New York is a financial (Wall Street) and the Arts (Broadway) are very rich city

    In its layout of the articles are also investors and loved the art of readers Wellington.



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    Both translations are poorly done.

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    The New York Times is not only an U.S. nationwide newspaper, but also an international newspaper.

    It is the authority of western mess media, no metter American’s local newspapers are follow it’s trend. In the U.S. universities or high schools can see it, even Starbucks have it’s counters too.

    Any movie or book was recommended by it, they will just like get strong support, their box-offices and circulations will be above the standard, and could also obtain various awards.

    It’s political column has it’s authority, the American’s politicians are afried of it.

    Furthermore, New York is a rich city both in finance and economics (the Wall Street), literature and art, the articals in other pages are also must readed by investors and art fancies.

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    百老匯,百老匯的英文是 “Broadway”

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