how should me and my girlfriend go about getting birth control without either one of our parents finding out?

we are both 16 and neither of our parents know how much sexual stuff we have done and we would like for them to not find out about us having sex. we want to be as safe as possible when we have sex.

also, are the birth control patches and the rings as reliable as the pill or is the pill a safer bet?

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    Well, I can understand how hard it is to talk to your parents even though that is the best thing you should do. Birth control is not 100% effective. Your girlfriend also has to remember to take the pill each and every day. Planned Parenthood. If you do not have one try to look around in the phone book or such, I live in a small town and we do not have a Planned Parenthood but we do have a local clinic that hands out birth control and condoms.

    Remember the only way to be 100% safe is not to have sex at all....

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    Well I guess Ill just repeat what everyone else has to say!!! :

    Yes: planned parenthood. I went there when I was 17 to get the morning after pill. Please, please go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes.. it is an kind of akward... but believe me.. pregnancy happens to those who dont expect it! My best friend in high school got pregnant the FIRST time her bf did not pull out.

    Planned p is very good about letting young women go in and get the help they need. She will probably feel much more comfortable if you go with her so she will feel like she has some support. She needs to take it EVERY day at the same time. If she forgets.. use a condom for the rest of the month. Inconsistency in taking the pill leads to pregnancy... Im living proof of that one.

    If for some reason she cant get into PP... use a condom.. and I hope you are already using one. You are wayyyy too young to be having kids... and it really messes with your life plans!!! Im very proud of both of you though for being smart enough to want to go get protected!!!

    Good luck! hope this helps


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    Okay... You guys can BOTH go to a clinic, like Planned Parenthood, or the health department in your town/city. Just look in the phone book under pregnancy or clinics. Most states have programs where you can get birth control (be it pills, condoms, IUD, the ring etc), and get tested for STD's. And it is ALWAYS confidential. I believe in MY state California, they have pulled the Patch because of complications/lawsuits etc. All birth control methods carry risks(pregnancy & health). ONLY abstinence is 100% effective. But if used properly, pills, and other mothods can be mostly effective against preventing pregnancy. But the Dr or clinic you go to will tell all about each method they have & the pro's & con's of each. Hope this was helpful. Good Luck!

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    Nothing is 100% reliable except abstainance . You two are really taking a chance . If I read your question right , you may have already practiced unsafe sex . Just hold on until you are at least 18 , then you can make a little better thought out decision .

    Not what you wanted to hear I am sure, but I hope it helps .

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    Go to planned parenthood everything can be done anonymously. It's good that you want to be safe.. But just in case maybe she should at least talk to her mom... But yea the pill and everything all is the same effectiveness.. Just if you're taking the pill you have to take it everyday

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    RE: How can my girlfriend get birth control without asking her parents? My girlfriend wants to go on the pill, and is considering asking her mom to get it for her but she's nervous, something that I understand. Is there anyway she can get the pill without asking her parents?

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    Planned parenthood. Everything can be done annonymously. They're all the same effectiveness. The only thing with the pill is you MUST take it everyday at around the same time to get the most effectiveness out of it.

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    i dont think the patches do a lot but the rings do. and i suggest the morning after pill its very affective if taken at the right time and its available at clinics so anyone could get it for you. and if your both driving then getting birth control isnt a problem

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    yes plz be safe

    patches cause really bad issues dont use those,

    rings are okay, but are forgotten in the moment a lot

    pill is great if u take it at the same time everyday no excpetion and that rarely happens at any age much less highschoolers

    i like the shot depo prevara i think its called it lasts three months

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    I would go with the pill AND condoms personally.

    There is no such thing as being too safe.

    Try Planned Parenthood

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