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syanew2000 asked in SportsCycling · 1 decade ago

What are the best cycling shoes?

I have recently found a new hobby. Spinning at the gym. Most of the people in the class have special bike shoes. Do they really make a difference and what are the best shoes to look at with a budget of $100?


I don't like to buy really cheap things that wear out super fast. That's why I gave myself the $100 budget. Also the shoes will only be worn indoors at the gym so I don't see the need to get too fancy.

Update 2:

Ummm yes what? You didn't answer any question.

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    A good fitting pair of cycling shoes will enhance your cycling twofold.

    Cycling shoes (whether they are MTB or Road) have a much stiffer sole than trainers(you might call them sneakers). this avoids 'Hotspots' on the foot which become uncomfortable!

    Secondly, its easier to cycle in circles with cleated cycling shoes as your shoes are clipped to the pedals.

    As for 'The Best Cycling Shoes' - I use Shimano RO99 but it's like anything, - It may suit me but not you.

    My advice: Go to a cycle shop (or two) and try some out to see what suits you, Tip- get a size bigger as feet do swell with hard cycling!

    Best of luck.


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  • 4 years ago

    I might purchase the sneakers on account that the shorts will purchase you a few alleviation however the sneakers will assist you to cross a reasonable quantity quicker, make it simpler to pedal and can upload alleviation over clips and you'll be able to positioned energy extra effectually to the wheels.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It doesn't have to be expensive. The shoes help you be more efficient. With sneakers, all your doing is alternating pushing down. When you are clipped in, you can also increase the efficiency with the upstrokes.

    What ever brand, cost, style...make sure it fits correctly

    some examples:,7989,s1-20-...

    (on sale at,7989,s1-20-...

    (if you got the dough),7989,s1-20-...

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