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Anonymous asked in SportsOutdoor RecreationOther - Outdoor Recreation · 1 decade ago

What are some good longboard wheels?

What are some good longboard wheels for downhill and cruising? I use my longboard alot to get from place to place. I'd kind of like a smooth ride. I'm looking for something that'll last a while, but I don't want any slide. Also, not too big of wheels either, I only have a Sector 9 Rapa Nui. Also, nothing too expensive either.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Abec-11 Gumballs are great for all around riding. Not typically for sliding but you can use them for it if you ever have the desire to try. However as for price they're around $45-50. Something a little cheaper if thats too expensive are Kryptonics Route 70's which go around $36.

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