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Poll: Is It Possible To Be Lonely..?

Even when You are not alone?

two lonely people together..

can they still be lonely?

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    sometimes you can be even MORE lonely with someone than when alone,,or even in a room full of people. I think that is a huge sign that you need to get outta there, don't think it's in your best interest, that feeling is very strong and it doesn't go away, it has to do with the kind of chemistry u have with that person, and if their energy is on the same level as you.. When I get that feeling, I feel so unloved, and invisible, and it hurts. I hate when someone takes me for granted,the worse thing anyone could ever do to me is ignore me, or make me feel invisible. I used to feel that way around my family, now I just go into my happy place around them, and it works.

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    It is quite possible if you or the other person chooses to be lonely.

    It is a natural tendency for lonely people to reach out to another person. This tendency can lead to disappointment if the act of reaching out is not well received...but it never hurts to try.

    I am a loner, but at times, I do not even feel lonely even when I am by myself.

    **Two lonely hearts make the best of friends.**

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    Yup, it is damn possible. When I start feeling that way, I tell myself to stop, that I should be happy, enjoying myself, but something inside still feels empty. Sometimes that feeling gets so strong I have to get away for a little while. Just sort of hide. Don't know if it's the feeling of loneliness exactly, or just the fact I can't stand myself.

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    Yes, married people with a house full of children can be very lonely, resentful and miserable.

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    Yeah, that summed up some weeks for me in the past 4 years. Not as often but somtimes I would feel like nobody understood some of the things I was going thrue.

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    Yes, I often feel lonely in a crowd...

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    Yes, one can be lonely even in a crowd.

    "Sitting all alone, not by myself

    Everybody's here with me..."

    -Cat Stevens, "Sitting"

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    see that on th eplanet 'earth' people are all the same 'people but they are all different and indivisual..

    I can be lonely while being with my family..talking to them....

    its a question about the same see this.........¨

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    Definitely, Yes...!!

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    yes definitely, even when i'm in a crowd i feel lonely(sometimes)

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