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?Doctors responsibility of informing on an STD?

If a patients spouse has an extra-marital affair and contracts and STD (Herpes 2) does the treating physician have a responsibility to inform the other spouse of risks, if they are the primary Physician to the couple?


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I wondered the same thing, especially after being together for 7 years and suddenly hearing, "we can't tonight, I have an outbreak... remember, I told you I had Herpes on our first date..... " Yeah RIGHT!

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    No they question is how are you going to hide "herpes" from spouse? Good luck with that!

  • It is the person who has contracted the disease to protect their partner. Take the great medications that are available now to control breakouts and protect your spouse and any other lovers.

    Any future lovers should be told so they also can take precautions. You're in a tricky state with your mate because if you have never had to use protection and suddenly have to, you will have to come up with some story if you choose to not tell them the truth.

    If the STD were any of the others that can destroy your spouse, then you must inform him. If you don't, your doctor may push you because there are cures for those such as siphilis, gonnareha, etc..

    If your marriage is strong enough to stand, in spite of the infidelity, then the mate should be told. It is still your choice now, but if your mate contracts it from you, the truth will come out anyway.

    Best of luck.


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    To be honest, I really do not know about whether the doctor is supposed to inform the other spouse or not. But, I personally would not like sharing a doctor with a spouse if the doctor wouldn't inform me about something that I needed to know.

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    No, it is illegal for a Dr. to reveal someone's medical information to another person, even their spouse, without the patient's express permission. The only exception is if it is information about a child under the age of 12 and even in that case, only to their parent or legal guardian.

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    Nope. The person contracting the disease should inform their sexual partners, but doctors are not allowed to give out any medical information on patients. It is against the law.

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    Nope unfortunately not. Doctor patient confidentiality.

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    No they can't tell anyone anything about their patient but if you have an STD don't be even more stupid than you have been already and fess up!!!

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    No, he has to report it to the Dept of health but that is it. For all the doctor knows, you gave it to him. Not saying that is the case, but they don't know the deal, nor do they care. So the answer is no.

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    no, and actually, the dr could get into trouble for talking about a matter who it is to

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    No, it is called a HIPPA violation and they could have thier license pulled for it.

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