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I am in the process of deciding where to apply to university...chances at NYU, Vassar, and Tufts?

GPA is 3.4. My ACT score at its best (I took it twice) is 28. SAT is 1890 (Math 620, CR 630, Writing 640). Subject tests French 610 and Literature 590. I am a U.S. permanent resident (European citizenship) , I am into All-State music and am really into art. I've done community service and all, I have written a really really good essay, too. Outside of school, I am well-rounded, but I am afraid my statistics aren't good enough for these schools. Should I take the SATs again? I don't want to apply to those schools (Gallatin at NYU to be detailed) if I don't stand a chance. I've looked at the websites and my numbers are slightly lower than their averages. I would appreciate any feedback.

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  • smm
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    1 decade ago
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    apply. test scores are only a part of what they look at

    i would try nyu first, as it's a great opportunity to be in a wonderful city normally unfordable to many. tufts is great if you're interested in medicine, and is also near boston, another great city. vassar is a good school, had a good reputation but doesn't have the same diversity as nyu and tufts (both city schools) do.

    honestly, i would apply to all three. see if they'll waive the application fee if the money is what's stopping you. see where you get in.

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  • pak
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    4 years ago

    Lehigh is a stressful tutorial college in simple terms like something of the universities interior the Patriot League. in case you're no longer a lot of a scholar and love the city lifestyles then i might seem into BU and NYU. Tufts scholars are reputed to be shiny yet slightly quirky and Medord, MA is almost a sell off. Vassar is a preppy previously all females college (70% female today) in upstate manhattan and is kinda uninteresting and Poughkeepsie is rather terrible. BU is approximately 60 p.c. females and 40 p.c. adult adult males

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