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Who got drafted where on monday?

I missed it could you tell me who got dradted to where because I was on vaction!! Please help and if there is any news on HBK? Thanks

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    San Antonio, Texas !

    Raw: Rey Mysterio

    Triple H defeated SmackDown representative, Mark Henry, via pinfall.

    Smackdown: Jeff Hardy

    Finlay and Hornswoggle defeated Raw representatives, Carlito and Santino Marella, via pinfall in a tag team match.

    Raw: CM Punk

    Hardcore Holly and Cody Rhodes defeated ECW representatives, Chavo Guerrero and Bam Neely, via pinfall in a tag team match.

    ECW: Matt Hardy

    The Miz and John Morrison defeated SmackDown representatives, The Hardys (Jeff and Matt), via pinfall in a tag team match. When Hardy was drafted, he was the United States Champion, as a result per pre-draft stipulations, the United States Championship was made ECW exclusive.

    SD: Jim Ross

    In an announcer-only pick match, the team of Raw representatives, Melina and Mickie James, wrestled the team of SmackDown representatives, Natalya and Victoria to a double-disqualification. As a result, both Raw and SmackDown received draft picks.

    Raw: Michael Cole

    Was the Raw draft pick in the announcer-only pick match.

    Raw: Batista

    John Cena defeated SmackDown representative, Edge via countout.

    SD: Umaga

    Montel Vontavious Porter defeated ECW representative, Tommy Dreamer, via pinfall.

    Raw: Kane

    John "Bradshaw" Layfield defeated ECW representative, Kofi Kingston, via pinfall. When Kane was drafted, he was the ECW Champion, as a result of pre-draft stipulations, the ECW Championship was made Raw exclusive.

    SD: Mr. Kennedy

    Edge won a fifteen-man Battle royal, last eliminating John Cena, to win two draft picks for the SmackDown brand.

    SD: HHH

    Triple H was drafted as the second pick won by Edge in the Battle Royal. When he was drafted, he was the WWE Champion, as a result of pre-draft stipulations, the WWE Championship was made SmackDown exclusive.

    Supplemental Draft

    ECW: Mark Henry

    Raw: Jamie Noble

    SmackDown: Trevor Murdoch

    SmackDown: Big Daddy V

    Raw: Deuce

    SmackDown: DH Smith

    ECW: Hornswoggle

    ECW: Super Crazy

    Raw: Chuck Palumbo

    SmackDown: Brian Kendrick

    Raw: Matt Striker

    SmackDown: Maria

    SmackDown: Shelton Benjamin

    ECW: Finlay

    SmackDown: Carlito

    Raw: Layla

    Raw: Kofi Kingston

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    Rey Mysterio: Raw

    Kane: Raw (Yes ECW Ttiel aswell)

    CM Punk: Raw

    Batista: Raw

    Jeff Hardy: Smackdown

    Triple H: Smackdown (Yes Title aswell)

    Matt Hardy: ECW (Yes Title aswell)

    Umaga: Smackdown

    Mr Kennedy: Smackdown


    Supplimental Draft

    Mark Henry: ECW

    Jamie Noble: Raw

    Trevor Murdoch: Smackdown

    Big Daddy V (sigh): Smackdown

    Deuce: Raw

    DH Smith: SDown

    Finlay & Horny: ECW

    Super Crazy: ECW

    Chuck Palumbo: Raw

    Brian Kendrick: SDown

    Matt Striker: Raw

    Maria: SDown

    Shelton: Sdown

    Carlito: Sdown

    Layla: Raw

    Kofi Kingston: Raw

    =] Thats everyone

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    To Raw:

    Rey, Punk, Michael Cole, Batista, Kane, Jamie Noble, Deuce, Palumbo, Striker, Layla, and Kingston

    To Smackdown:

    Jeff Hardy, JR, Umaga, Kennedy, HHH, Murdoch, Big Daddy V, DH Smith, Kendrick, Maria, Benjamin, and Carlito

    To ECW:

    Matt Hardy, Mark Henry, Finlay, Hornswoggle, and Super Crazy

    Source(s): Just in case you were wondering, I included the Supplemental Draft
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    Rey Mysterio to Raw.

    Jeff Hardy to Smackdown.

    CM Punk to Raw.

    Matt Hardy to ECW.

    Jim Ross to Smackdown.

    Michael Cole to Raw.

    Batista to Raw.

    Umaga to Smackdown.

    Kane to Raw.

    Triple H to Smackdown.

    Mr Kennedy to Smackdown.

    Kofi Kingston to Raw.

    Layla to Raw.

    Carlito to Smackdown.

    Finlay to ECW.

    Shelton Benjamin to Smackdown.

    Maria to Smackdown.

    Matt Striker to Raw.

    Brian Kendrick to Smackdown.

    Chuck Palumbo to Raw.

    Super Crazy to ECW.

    Hornswoggle to ECW.

    DH Smith to Smackdown.

    Deuce to Raw.

    Big Daddy V to Smackdown.

    Trevor Murdoch to Smackdown.

    Jamie Noble to Raw.

    Mark Henry to ECW

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    CM Punk


    Michael Cole


    Jeff Hardy



    Mr. Kennedy



    Matt Hardy

    There you go!

    Source(s): I watched raw. :D
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