HOW FAST to get citizenship in these countries??

just wondering

how fast to get citizenship in






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    USA= 5years, dual citizenship allowed;

    UK = 5years, dual citizenship allowed;

    Russia =

    BY NATURALIZATION: Russian Federation citizenship may be acquired upon fulfillment of the following conditions: Be at least 18 years old. Have permanent residence for a total of five years, or three years of continuous residence immediately prior to filing an application, dual citizenship allowed;DUAL CITIZENSHIP: RECOGNIZED. A Russian Federation citizen may be permitted, on petition, to be in simultaneous citizenship of another state with which the Russian Federation has a pertinent treaty.


    Citizenship of Ukraine shall be acquired:

    The conditions of admission to the citizenship of Ukraine shall be:

    . 3. Continuous residence within the territory of Ukraine on legal grounds during the last five years.

    no dual citizenship,A person who had obtained the citizenship of Ukraine and submitted a declaration of renunciation of foreign citizenship is obliged to return his/her passport of foreign state to the authorized bodies of this state.

    Canada = Naturalization as a Canadian citizen

    A person who is a permanent resident may apply for Canadian citizenship by naturalization (grant) after three years resident in Canada.

    The requirements in full are that the person:

    is aged 18 years or over

    is a permanent resident

    has lived in Canada for a total of three years out of the four years preceding the application for citizenship

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    None given that he want a enable to reside there. To get a enable he need to have an present of a task, and be dwelling in that nation for a quantity of years be he might observe for citizenship.

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    Five years more or less to be able to work and establish a permanent domicile.

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