how do i get over him!!!?

k so i'd known this guy for a while and i liked him and he liked me and finally he asked me out but then after going out for about a week he broke up with me saying he wasn't ready to date me and saying we should date later blah blah blah. anyways so that was like idk 3 weeks ago. he doesn't seem to have much interest in dating me again though and when i asked if he still likes me he said he did but not a lot, so i've been trying to get over him. i thought i was doing pretty good at getting over him then he started flirting with me again and stuff. its easy to be over him when he's acting like he doesn't like me anymore and stuff. but then every so often he starts acting like he still really likes me and then i can't help but have feelings for him! like last night he was saying about how he wanted to kiss me and i couldn't help but like him. any ideas on how i can completely get over him

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    Oooo, I'm seeing this One-itis all over the place...

    You've got One-itis, you're zoned in on this person as being the one and completely infatuated. The Result: he gets to pull you any which way he desires.

    The Cure: fortunately One-itis is not caught by not washing your hands, its a psychological disease. One-itis is the brains response to a lack of options. When you give your brain only one option, it sees that option as the only way out and the only solution. Because he is set up in your mind as your only romantic ideal, you will not be able to shake him out of your head and your brain will associate him with your romantic ideal.

    The solution is to give your brain other options. You need to get some other guys in your life, the faster the quicker you will cure yourself. I suggest starting slow, talking to guys online maybe (you don't have to meet them), this will start to show you that there are other guys out there. The next step is to go out, and go out OFTEN. This doesn't just mean clubs, it means cafe's, bookstores, shopping, hanging with friends whatever. The only way to meet new people is to put yourself in strategic positions where people CAN meet you.

    If you have work to do, do it at a Starbucks. You'll never know, between chapters of your Danielle Steel book, a cute guy might "ask you for the time" or "ask what you're reading"

    Make sure you look good too (put on some subtle makeup, smell nice, look sharp/cute). You'll only attract if you are dressed with the intention.

    Good luck... ;O)

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    this could be both good and bad...i mean it could be he "occasionally" flirts to tell you that yea im still thinking about could also be that he is playing with your emotions...gurl get over him, by paying some attention to someone who want to pay attention to you and not string you along...every gurl deserves a better guy...when you find that someone, you'll always remember that stringing looser, but the most important thing is that you'll be over him.

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