Superheated steam?

What is normally the range of pressure of superheated steam going to a steam turbine? Suppose the temperature of superheated steam is 440-500 degrees celsius.

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    in a steam turbine steam is usually injected in 2 places one at the first stage and the other usually at the middle stages the first stage steam is usually high pressure steam its temp is around 500 degree and pressure 56 bar and the other steam is low pressure steam its temp is 220 degree and pressure 4.5 bar.

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    Most of the boilers I work on normally operate around 650 to 700 psi (4481 to 4826 kPa) and 750 to 875 F (398 to 468 C) for superheated steam.

    The 1200 psi (8273 kPa) boilers get up to about 950 F (510 C) of superheated steam.

    The best way to determine boiler pressure is by look at a pressure-temperature relationship chart to determine saturation temperature at a given pressure and passing the steam through a superheater designed to add enough heat to bring temperature to the desired superheated steam temperature.

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    The power industry runs 2400-2600 psi steam thru 4 foot diameter insulated pipes with a superheat temp. of 1000 degrees. 14 story high boilers burning 300,000 pounds of coal per hour. The high superheat temp keeps the steam from condensing in the turbine; very bad for the buckets (blades).

    Source(s): Been there done that. Controls Dept. servicing GE 525 MW turbogenerators, B&W and Combustion Engineering boilers.
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