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Why do Muslims complain about religious disrimination and "Islamophobia" yet persecute everyone else?

I mean, look at the record:

Christians persecuted in Iraq, Somalia, Sudan...

Jews persecuted in Morocco, Tunisia, Yemen, Iran...

Baha'is persecuted in Iran...

Hindus persecuted in Bangladesh (where I was born)...

And of course, nonreligious people persecuted basically everywhere...

What I want to know is how Muslims expect "equal rights" and respect for Islamic customs when they're so miserable at respecting people who aren't like them?

Does anyone else agree with me here?!


Oh, in case anyone was wondering, I'm an agnostic from a Muslim family, so it's not like I'm totally clueless on how Muslims live...

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    Yes I agree with you., it is very hypocritical. My ancestors are from India so I know how they treated the Hindus there during partition and the genocide of so many Hindus. But they truly believe they are the 'best' race (if Islam can be called a race) in the world, they believe they are true and right and good, and everyone else is not... so this is why they feel justified doing what they do.

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    I beg to differ with your observation about what you have narrated here, particularly Quote: "Hindus persecuted in Bangladesh (where I was born)...” Un-quote.

    If you are referring to the days of partition of India back in 1947 when the persecution of Muslims and Hindus were part of our recorded history, then I agree with you, but it was not one-way-traffic. Both Hindu and Muslim zealots are more-or-less responsible for such inhuman acts. The criminals in each of these religions looted the minorities living in their part of the divide.

    However, we have never ever witnessed in Bangladesh anything near to Ahmedabad riots or destruction of Babri Mosque (Ram Mandir) and so many smaller scale localised riots happening in almost every year in India.

    It is irony of fate that the Hindus living in Bangladesh enjoys equal rights as those of other religious denomination, but never stops complaining about the imaginary 'persecution'. It is true that when anyone lives in a perceived foreign country then he/she would feel a bit insecure and would complain a lot. Therefore, you will hear similar statement from the Muslims living in India that Hindus are not only persecuting the Muslims, but making sure that Muslims in India remain at the bottom rung of the society.

    Take for example the Muslim workers working in many Arab countries (and Malaysia and such country where Muslims are in majority) makes a lots of complain about the persecution and discrimination they face in those countries. Part of these complain are true and part is the fact that their loyalty is 'divided' among the host country and the country they came from. In Bangladesh the Hindus are by heart loyal to India and encourage India to take action against Bangladesh, the way the Muslim living in India shows their loyalty towards the cause of Pakistan whenever a chance come.

    In Bangladesh what we found in the past (immediately after the liberation in 1971) that some of the corrupt politicians of the party in power (in government) would tend to take advantage of the vulnerability of the minority communities (mostly Hindus) and these political leaders and their hirelings would try to grab the properties of the Hindus, which has been recorded as a bad precedent in our initial days. While doing so, there are a few isolated cases where lives are lost. Should we equate such incidence of the past with the label of 'Hindus persecuted in Bangladesh'?

    Our press and electronic Medias are fairly free to write or show about anything going wrong anywhere in this country and they are criticising any persecution happening to anybody with reports and follow-up stories. The present government has been taken into task whenever they would take any misstep in performing duties. Had your allegation been true then our own as well as the reporters of foreign medias like BBC, CNN, VoA and all the foreign missions and NGOs working here would have taken notice and reported the same in world forum.

    Therefore, I would request you to feel free to write to any of the newspapers or satellite TV channels about your story of persecution and get the redress from the law of the land, instead of harbouring hatred for your own motherland.

    Happy staying here!

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    No I do not agree. You cannot judge the religion of islam by these few ignorant followers. If you would look in to islam and not just judge by its followers, you would be surprised. Those muslim "extremists" that do that, are not following what we have been taught as muslims.

    In the quran, it does not say, Go burn down churches and kill non muslims if they dont agree to convert. But rather, try to help people to convert to islam and if they do not agree, it is their choice.

    And I can tell you that a true muslim is accepting and open minded and is respectful to all.

    I advise you to learn a bit more about This beautiful religion and not judge by the mistakes of the followers. believe it or not, muslims are humans and humans make mistakes.

    Source(s): Take it from me, a proud Muslim.
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    If by "everyone else" you mean the missionaries who go to another country and break their laws about proselytizing...then I don't know.

    Most Muslims that you say are "complaining" live in the US, a country built on freedom and the right to not be harassed and discriminated against.

    So comparing Muslims in the US to Muslims in other countries is like comparing apples to oranges. We may all practice the same religion but we are not the same people. And people are not perfect. You also should take into consideration that there are cultural values which go against Islam but which still influence people's behavior, for example many of the North African and Arabic cultures tend to demonize Israel, you get some anti-Jewish sentiment out of cultural cirucmstance.

    ALL of the examples you gave have very specific historical contexts, not just Muslims against non-Muslim. Life is not that simple!

    I'm a Muslim, I don't discriminate or persecute anyone.

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    Wow. Are they ever into the 'persecution complicated'. they're basically scared what 'Christians' did to hundreds of thousands interior the previous is going to return lower back to hang-out them. I continuously see some Christian whining approximately how they're being 'attacked'. they could desire to all deliver themselves to the middle East so that they could see what actual persecution is.

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    I've tried to point out to muslims in a few online forums that Pat Robertson saying impolite things about islam didn't really compare with the treatment christians get from muslims in pakistan, indonesia, sudan (i.e. church burnings, rapes, slavery, murder) but the irony seemed to be lost on them.

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    "Christians persecuted in Iraq, Somalia, Sudan...

    Jews persecuted in Morocco, Tunisia, Yemen, Iran"

    Wow, you're ignorant.

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    their will never be equal rights everyone will always hate everyone it is the way of the world plus who the muslims to want equal rights who r they, they blow up our buildings and want rights they could all go to hell

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    I agree.

    The religion of Peace is also the religion of Submission, to the point of hypocrisy.

    They claim the Allah is the God of the Bible, yet persecute those who follow the Bible.

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    Because they belive it serves their purposes. Religion, politics and hypocrisy are never far apart.

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