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What country has the most powerful weapons?

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    Russia, since it has double the amount of nuclear weapons than the USA

    China could also because it has like a 2.5 million man modern military while the US has like 1 million man modern military

    but we have the technology that make the US strong

    so i think its a 3-way tie between Russia, China, and America

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    The United States.

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    which country*

    and this is a difficult question to answer, because many countries have weapons that other countries don't know about.

    even the USA, we might have some real powerful weapon in some secret base.

    but from what the public knows, it's probably the USA.

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    The people who say the USA are a) wrong and b) ameria-loving americans, so yeah...

    technically, we don't know. There are many countries with nuclear weapons who are not exactly open about it e.g. North Korea. They could have more nukes than the rest of us put together, and we would never know....(in fact, they probably do have a load more than most nuclear countries)...

    But it's probably Russia, or some more secretive country like N. Korea.

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    Any country in the world.

    The Human Being is the most devastating weapon that has been on the planet.

    One determined Human can kill Presidents, where thought impossible.

    One determined Human can start the most devastating wars.

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    Actually The Russians have the largest kilo tonnage nuclear weapons. this is because for years their guidance systems were not as good and if they could not be so accurate they opted to make them larger and more destructive- the Czar Bomba was 50,000 kilo tons and there was talk of a 100,000 ton hydrogen weapon.

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    multiple countries have the most powerful weapons... USA and Russia have enough to destroy the world by themselves, so a match on who has more between them is useless.

    china can only utilise their army inside their borders.

    I'd like to see them actually move that amount of troops across the world... and feed them and supply them.

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    Someone posted that russia had more powerful nukes.

    This isn't true: they packed more explosive punch(more megatons). BUT... modern US nukes are made from multiple smaller warheads. The shockwaves combine to cause more damage than a bigger single warhead nuke.

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    I would say the US, with Russia a close second.

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    U S of A

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