hey m 17 years old i want 2 adopt a child 4m orphan,z dis de corrt age,i wanna sum advice?

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    how 'bout taking some english classes first?

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    There are lots of problems here. You are using text speak in a forum that is mostly going to be seen by adults who will have no clue as to what the hell you are getting at. Second, are you wanting to adopt an orphan that you know ? Do you know a baby that is in need ? third, are you asking if you are the right age to adopt, or if the child is the right age to be adopted by you ?? I really dont understand the question. If you are unmarried and under the legal age of majority wherever you are from, it is unlikely that you would be able to adopt a child of any age. If you are itching to spend some time around infants , look into a job at a daycare center, or perhaps doing volunteer work at the hospital. There are many years for you to build yourself a family,, there is really no rush. Good luck to you in the future.

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    well for starters you are too young, everyone seems to be slaaging you off but i personally do not think anyone below 20 should be having kids you should be focussing on your education first and children later. besides you may change your mind or be preoccupied in a few weeks/ months, if you really want to make a difference to a young person who is an orphan try 1st working in an orphanage and see if you can handle a child in that given situation and then when you are financially stable and have a good job and qualifications then you can start thinking about adopting.

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    Be real - enjoy being a child yourself before you ever think that you can handle the challenges that come with raising one.

    Grow up, get an education, establish yourself financially, personally, even professionally - then if you still feel that adoption is the route you want to take, by all means, it's a wonderful choice.

    Just remember to live your life first. Once you have a child, it's not about you any more.

    My adivce - Watch "The Baby Borrowers" on NBC

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    Most adoption agencies have age and other requirements that you must qualify for. Based on your question, I can tell that you are good hearted, but you will need to wait until you are about 30 before they will take you seriously. Also there is a monetary component and a home study.

  • 1 decade ago

    My advice is to wait a few years before proceeding, but there's nothing wrong with learning right now about the process.

    You can investigate adopting internationally, private domestically or through the foster system.

    You can read up on adoption. You can subscribe to magazines (Adoptive Families for one), read book and such to prepare yourself for issues that may come up with the adopted child.

    You can begin to gather your support network. Join a support group for adoptive parents so you can have others "in the trenches" with you. Gather around you supportive family and friends. Research and find a therapist specializing in adoption. Talk with social workers about adoption issues and learn as much as you can.

    I wish you well in your journey!

  • 1 decade ago

    You are to young to adopt. You are still a child yourself. Enjoy that time.

  • 1 decade ago

    Since I am an adult I can only read about half of what you wrote.

    At 17 you can not adopt.

  • 1 decade ago

    I'd learn to spell first, that won't look good on any adoption application.

  • 1 decade ago

    go back to school your to young and you need to learn how to spell

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