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What was the silliest injury you heard a player in the NHL getting?Also..?

Brandon Inge,a baseball player got injured when he was fixing his sons pillow and baseball is known for silly injuries but what aboot the NHL?Any players you have known to come down with a silly injury?

Personal also-What was the wackiest injury you have had?


BA gets 10 points also 2 Nuprin "Little,yellow,different".

Update 2:

J.O.Whats funnier the pillow biter line or you hunched over during a concert.LOL

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    Hockey: goalie Glenn Healy cut his catching hand while cleaning his bagpipes. Jose Theodore slipping on the ice in his driveway.

    Strangest Baseball injury-related headline: not a player getting injured, but a player injuring somebody. Pittsburgh Pirate Randall Simon assaults the Italian Sausage during the 7th inning.

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    -also, Glenallen hill suffers from arachnophobia. He was snoozing on his couch and had a nightmare. While trying to get away from the giant spider he fell through a glass coffee table.

    Football has lots of weird ones: Jags lost Pro Bowl punter Chris Hanson when he gashed his leg with an axe. That guy has the weirdest luck. The previous year, Hanson and his wife and kid got hurt in a fondue accident.

    Broncos WR Brandon Marshall fell into a TV avoiding a McDonalds wrapper

    Bill Gramatica hurt himself celebrating a FG while Gus Frerotte hurt himself head-butting the end-zone celebrating a TD.

    Saints QB Adrian McPherson was run over by a golf cart driven by the Tennessee Titan's raccoon mascot


    - David Seaman (Manchester City) pulled a back muscle reaching for his TV remote.

    - Paulo Diogo celebrated a goal by jumping on to the fence separating the fans from the pitch. Unfortunately, when he jumped off the fence, his wedding ring got caught and most of his finger stayed behind. Not only were doctors unable to successfully re-attach the finger, but Diogo was shown a yellow card on the play for excessive celebration.

    Basketball: After Phoenix Suns' guard Kevin Johnson hit a game-winning shot, teammate Charles Barkley gave Johnson a bear hug so tight that it dislocated Johnson's shoulder.

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    Well, since I'm late and a couple of the guys I would have listed have been said (haha, like Bobby Orr isn't obvious though)... Cam Neely had an outstanding career over all, so injury didn't prevent him from that... but I'm sure he would have played longer and put up more than only one more 50 goal season if not for Ulffy. I'm stretching things a bit today. Haha. It's first day in, I think, five that it hasn't rained and I've been in the house because I didn't have work or plans. Ahhh.

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    I can't recall any wacky hockey injuries off the top of my head but I have a personal one.

    I was throwing around a baseball (a real baseball not a softball or something) and I was distracted by a mosquito (God, I hate those things) and when I looked up this ball was coming at me! It was like in slow motion though because I had enough time to think "Uh oh" and then try to duck. It went WHAM and hit my forehead. OW did that hurt!

    Oh another time (I just remembered this like 6 hours later) just this past December, we got a lot of ice at my house. I was wearing slippers and had to get something from the car. As soon as I stepped out onto the porch I noticed EVERYTHING and I mean everything was coated in ice. I was so stupid that I tried to hold onto the railing and walk down the steps. Silly me. I slipped and landed on the cold, icy sidewalk on my backside and my slippers flew off into the ice coated grass! I felt like such a klutz and my lower back hurt soo bad!

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    I Can't Think Of Any Silly Injuries but With the Way Sean Avery Acts he'll get one soon! haha :D

    Wackiest Injuey I've Ever Had.. A Fish Hook went through my Toes and I had to have Surgery to Remove it while I was awake.. Warning: Don't go Fishing Barefoot!

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    Do hemorrhoids count as an injury? Alexei Kasatonov missed three games due to hemorrhoids when he played for New Jersey.

    Joey Kocur also got an infection in his hand and almost had it amputated after he connected with Larry Playfair's teeth in a fight.

    I can't recall a wacky injury - although I have a habit of burning myself every time I cook dinner. (Unfortunately I cook every night.)

    Mr. B broke his ankle trying to break a 2 x 4 with his foot . . . alcohol was not a factor until AFTER the break. I told him to make up a lie about how it happened; but he told the truth and everyone in the ER laughed . . .

    My BIL broke his wrist pulling the sheet up in bed . . .

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    I've had 3 in baseball.

    Once I was warming up in right field. I twisted back to make a catch and pulled a muscle in my right leg (though the area had tightened up cuz I was hit by a pitch there in the game before)

    Also once I was playing hotbox I slid into the bag the fielder went to put the tag down but the ball was slipping out and itpopped out and hit me in the mouth and cut my lip

    And when I was in tee ball I took a line drive tothe face once and lost a tooth

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    Ray Emery hurt his elbow last off-season playing baseball. Wasn't Jeter put on the 15-day DL for getting a Charlie horse last year or two years ago? Only in baseball...

    Dumbest injury I've had...hmmmm....can't really think of any. Being winded because I smoked at the time? That's pretty

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    IDK you guys grabbed all the good injuries up.Joe so what your trying to say is Inge is a pillow bitter.

    So many injuries I have inflicted on myself through the years of hockey and bouncing. I have left a lot of blood and skin in a lot of places.

    One night working security at a club on the shore,one of my co-workers went running with his flashlight on. So as the supervisor of the club I ran across the stage and followed. The stage had equipment and such everywhere and of course the lights where dim. So as I side stepped the bassist, and moved away from the keyboard, I smashed my Neither-region on the corner of the stair railing, got outside to find out he was going to say hi to a friend. Hunched over,cringed, almost cried and walked like I had a potato chip in my but I was afraid to break. It looked like someone hit me with a ball pen hammer in my grassy Noll. I had a hard time walking and a fowl purple colored pelvis for weeks.Lot's of Nuprin that month.

    Also The Practice before our State Championship game one of my forwards hit me in the head with a shot and cut a hole straight through my ear ...I could put my finger straight threw it.1 year later in Juniors my coach knocked out my front teeth with a fluttering wrister from center!!!

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    I heard of a player (Plays for the Sabres) missed a game because of a sore forearm from playing guitar hero too long.

    My injury was a skate cut my neck. The blade left about an inch cut on both sides of my juggler. I was very lucky!!

    Source(s): Inside info from a friend on Sabres
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    Well, I don't have any NHL stories, but I have a story from my hockey team ;]

    Ok it was after the game and basically everyone was all changed, just getting there stuff together and this girl was trying to zip her bag up but the zipper wouldn't move, so she was pulling it and pulling it and finally it ripped off and with all her force from her hand she...basically stabbed herself with a zipper in the forehead. It was bleeding like crazy and she was real dizzy and whatever, and you could see the mark on her for weeks after.

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