Am I bi or lesbian?

I knew ever since I could remember that I liked girls.Feelings starting progressing as I got older, and I liked guys also.When I was 14-15, I liked guys and girls equally.But now I'm starting to just like girls more.I don't even care about guy anymore.Its like.."yeah, there good looking." If I see a nice looking guy walk down the street It just doesn't matter to me no more.But Ill be riding in the car with my sister or someone and Ill look at a whole bunch of girls.I have a friend whos gay and I talked to him about it, and hes asked "Well think about male celebrities that you would want." I used to love Leonardo DiCaprio when I was younger, I still do, but just as an actor. I think hes cute, but not like that. And I don't want to get married, I don't want to have children.Thats not in my book of things to do.I just don't know, right now I know that I like girls...alot ;p and I really don't care what people think.My friends+family are accepting.

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    What difference does it make? Why do people feel that they have to fit into a certain box or under a specific label?

    The most important thing is that you like people and, at this point in your life, you prefer to be with another woman rather than a man. The other important thing is that, whichever category you place yourself into or label you file yourself under, your friends and family are accepting your lifestyle no matter what that lifestyle may or may not be.

    Enjoy your life. Enjoy whomever you are with, whether it's male or female at the time. Don't worry or concern yourself with which label applies to or the scheme of things, the label doesn't matter at all.

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    It would seem that, from your question, you're already assured of your answer. The question at this stage is, 'what happened?' since you used to like guys.

    Did your negative feelings originate with a bad experience with a boy and then you're overgeneralizing that one boy's actions to ALL boys? Go deep into your memories and flesh it out. You might just surprise yourself.

    I've learned tons doing this myself. Go for it!

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    Sexuality is fluid, try not to label yourself.

    I'm a lesbian ( not cpt kirk hahaha) I've known since i was 10 that i liked girls.... I'm 23 now and i think gay men are very sexy does that make me Bi? i don't think so, if you need to label thing of it this way if you want to have sex with men and women you are bi if you just want to have sex with women and don't find men sexually attractive you are a lesbian....

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    Don't live up to either of those titles. You are who you are. It doesn't matter who you are attracted to you are still a human being. Which ever direction you chose just love yourself and be comfortable with the choices that you make in life.

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    I see what your saying but seeing as that you used to like guys... I would wait longer to see if you ever have an emotional attraction to guys.

    if you only have an emotional attraction to girls, not guys, then you're a lesbian.

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    you are lesbian. Go all out until the feeling gets down. Later try to rationalize with your own self or not try to be friends with crossdress community. They are guys but will perform like girls. Early stage you make them like girls lesbian ... later use their tools as guy and try use to it... it will work ok ... i am a crossdress.

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    You are probably Bisexual. You seem interested in both sexes but just depending on the person at the time. Go explore and have fun... be safe!

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    realistically i would say you are lesbian but wen you did like guys i think you were sub-consonancely not sure about your sexuality(bi-curious maybe) but i never care wat people think or act like, or are im the strangest person on this chat room and im the horneyest lesbian on this planet so don't be afraid wat friends etc think i never did and im happy and living im sure your a lesbian now , accept it embrace your woman loving hood and go and get a girl for yourself its good that your family is accepting. lovya ;p

    Dominique Abel xx p.s good luck and maybe we can take som time, yeah?

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    There is no need to define yourself at this time.

    It is not as important as you think.

    Live your life and take things as they come.

    There will be plenty of time to "find" yourself as you get older.

    Be open minded and shun homophobic activities and comments.

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    well i was the same way so i just started dating everyone ;) and you really get a feel for what you want by experience. never know until you try it...well at least thats what my mom said to me when i went to her for advice lol

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