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What books will I find myself reading in 10th grade?

I want to get a head start. last year I had to read; To Kill A Mockingbird, Romeo and Julliet (the play), The Odysessy, and thats it lol :)

What do you think I will have to read during my 10th grade year so I can start now during the summer. Thanks :)

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    Possible selections

    A Midsummer Night's Dream

    Julius Ceasor

    You will be reading A LOT of Dark short stories if you are in the midwest some about beached up whales and people blow them up

    A girl being tossed in space because she's too heavy for a space ship for the men's mission

    Good chances that you may read The Joy Luck Clun which is about women and their child stories and they are Asian Its really interesting

    House On Mango Street

    Now idk how yall school works so here are some others

    Adams, Douglas

    The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

    Anderson, Laurie Halse


    Ayers, Eleanor

    Parallel Journeys

    Barker, Clive


    Block, Francesca

    Weetzie Bat

    Bray, Libba

    Great & Terrible Beauty

    Buckley, Fiona

    To Shield the Queen

    Card, Orson Scott

    Ender's Game

    Chevalier, Tracy

    Girl With a Pearl Earring

    Cisneros, Sandra

    House on Mango Street

    Cormier, Robert

    We All Fall Down

    Crutcher, Chris

    Ironman; Stotan!

    Deuker, Carl

    Painting The Black

    Draper, Sharon M.

    Tears of a Tiger

    Duncan, Lois

    Night Terrors

    Flinn, Alex

    Breaking Point

    Fox, Paula

    Eagle Kite

    Gaiman, Neil

    Anansi Boys

    Gilstrap, John

    At All Costs

    Going, Kelly

    Fat Kid Rules the World

    Green, John

    Looking for Alaska

    Harrar, George

    Not as Crazy as I Seem

    Hautman, Pete


    Heller, Joseph


    Hobbs, Valerie

    How Far Would You Have Gotten If I Hadn't Called You Back?

    Johnson, Angela

    First Part Last

    Kerr, M. E.

    Deliver Us From Evie

    Klass, David

    California Blue

    Klause, Annette C.

    Blood & Chocolate

    Krisher, Trudy

    Spite Fence

    Lester, Julius


    Lubar, David


    Mahy, Margaret

    The Changeover

    Martel, Yann

    The Life of Pi

    Meyer, Stephanie


    Myers, Walter Dean

    Fallen Angels

    O'Brien, Tim

    The Things They Carried

    Oppel, Kenneth


    Paolini, Christopher


    Paulsen, Gary

    Soldier's Heart

    Pfeffer, Susan Beth

    Life as We Knew It

    Powell, Randy

    Dean Duffy

    Reynolds, Marilyn

    Too Soon for Jeff

    Rinaldi, Ann

    Wolf by the Ears

    Shetterly, Will


    Taylor, Theodore

    Walking Up a Rainbow

    Thomas, Rob

    Rats Saw God

    Voigt, Cynthia

    Izzy, Willy Nilly

    Westerfield, Scott


    Wilde, Oscar

    The Picture of Dorian Gray

    Zevin, Gabrielle


    Zusak, Markus

    I am the Messenger

    Source(s): and Im becoming a Junior next year
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    that's slightly youthful for a severe college-er yet attempt "My area of the mountain" it gained various awards whilst it first grow to be printed, it somewhat is a fictional tale on how the author consistently dreamed of working away and residing off the land. interior the e book the teenager runs off to his some time past abandoned family individuals plot in upstate manhattan and slowly tells the story of his 3 hundred and sixty 5 days residing out his dream..... My area of the Mountain by applying Jean Craighead George P.S. It has additionally been made right into a action picture circa early 70's

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    I had to read alot of Shakespeare and WWII related books in the 10th grade, but hell, it's been 11 years since then!

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    Last year (10th grade) I read Ender's Game... Its a really awesome book, but something tells me my teacher is a little different.

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    It depends on your school

    But definitely Romeo and Juliet for all schools

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