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Legal help & funding for Air Force family losing their children?

I am a United States Air Force wife. I am going to lose my children. I am being sued for sole legal & physical custody of my children in the Santa Clara County, California by my ex-boyfriend, the father of three of my four children. I was served the legal papers on June 13, 2008 & I have thirty days to respond. I have not responded because I do not know how to fill out the paperwork or have the knowledge to go forward myself. I have spoken to free, military legal help here on our installation, as well as a pro bono program here in the District that we qualified for, & they have done nothing but advised me to hire a lawyer in Santa Clara County to take care of my case. It is difficult for me to even get assistance in regard to my case due to several factors-I no longer live in California, the case is not in the District of Columbia, & people seem to be unfamiliar with Calif Law, I do not know what else to do, I've called so many lawyers, we can't afford a retainer fee, we are desperate


I have contacted every legal aide and reosurce, I've spoken to everyone, the pro bono program in Santa Clara county lost its funding and the only option I have to hire a private attorney ranging from $2,500-$5,000 retainer fees. I've even emailed Oprah, Dr. Phil, news stations, anything and everything I could think of in these last few days. I don't even have the money to fly home to attend the orientation mediation meeting prior to the court date of 7/22. The cost for the ticket start from $350-$500. I don't have the money to even set up a website to take donations, do you think that people would go to a CitiBank with our names and last four digits of our account to donate? It was so nice to know that there are people out there who care, even if you don't have a lot of money, anything would count. God, you have no idea how much I appreciate the thought, please let others know, God Bless You

You can donate to any CitiBank branch

acct last name: Urnberg-last four digits of acct: 7619

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    I would have thought your husband's CO in the Air Force could have helped. Other than that there must be free legal help in Santa Clara that you can work with over the phone initially. I'm sorry you're in this situation, you must be going through absolute hell. Good luck.

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    Sorry you're going to lose your kids if you do not reply with a attorney. It could also be relatively most probably he's going to acquire custody of three of the four kids if either one of you're within the navy or husband unemployed and your within the navy. It has to do with navy existence and pay which goes to be what will get them taken away. If he additionally has a correct to separate-custody to your kids and didn't difference it earlier than you left the state with a attorney he might acquire complete custody, when you consider that of that most probably best to be break up-custody as a way to imply he's going to pay for the airfare backward and forward. If he buys airfare and you don't permit them to move he's going to then dossier for complete custody and take three of the four kids away. Enlisted Armed Forces will pay POVERTY LEVELS and it additionally makes you're employed lengthy hours. Average internet pay for a loved ones of six in poverty stage or beneath is $28,four hundred . Two persons within the navy with four kids ought to be a E-four or better not to be viewed in poverty. To beat poverty line with six persons in a single family E-a million then different character need to be a E-7 E-two then different character need to be a E-6 E-three then different character need to be a E-five One character should be a O-three or better to overcome poverty line.

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