Ugly Betty Season 3 幾時有得睇???

好心急呀!!!!唔該~有冇人答到我???any news of ugly betty???

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Season 3 將於2008年9月25日在美國ABC首播,至09年5月


    It is expected that in addition to Lohan, who will play Kimberly, a former high school classmate of Betty's who is now the manager at the fast-food restaurant in which Ignacio works will be introduced. There's already a possibility that Hilda might get a new love interest, as Eddie Cibrian's second season recurring role as Justin's physical education teacher could become a full time regular in the third season.

    Also, Betty's decision between Henry and Gio will be revealed, the birth of the Meade baby will take place, and of course Wilhelmina's plans to shake up the Meade family after succeeding in forcing Daniel out as editor-in-chief at MODE and causing a fall out between Claire and Alexis.


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