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要跟客人解釋MOQ 的婉轉說法


I'm regretted to inform you that we are not able to commit the min qty of 3600 per model at this moment, however I am confident to be able to fulfill the qty in the near future.

I hope you could accept our order trial order of 1800 units per model instead of 3600 per model.

I have intention to promote well for the bottle and in fact the logo we are putting is a totally a new brand unlike brand that has been established which we could project the demand. However I am optimistic that it would be well received in the coming months and I am sincere to work long term with you to build up the market over here. Therefore I hope you can consider my request otherwise I have to do away with the original plan to go without logo for 1500 units per model as discussed earlier. Pls let me know your comments. Thanks.

但現在,我們沒辦法特地為他破例,一直以來MOQ都是3600pcs per model, 該要怎麼說, 比較不會顯得是我們不想做他的量.

以下為我的回答,但我想還是不夠. 還是需要多一些場面話....

Upon your request, I have discussed with our printing department and manager yesterday, unfortunately, we are not able to accept your trial order of 1800 units per model instead of 3600 per model.

Nowadays, we have much confidents on our product, so we ensure you will have well received in the near future. We also glad that our products are going to import to Malaysia market. We will do our best to support you.

However, in this stage, we may only do the 1500



pcs each modelwithobt logo imprinted for you.

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    Not sure if I understand it correctly that the customer only intends to order 1800 instead of 3600 from your company. If not, then he will stick to the original plan of ordering 1500 without logo? cos not clearly indicated. If so, my revised version as follows:

    Dear Sir/Mdm

    Thank you for your letter dated XX June 2008.

    Thank you for your support in our company.

    We are confident of your company`s strategies and introduction of our

    products into the Malaysia market. (not sure if I understood u correctly here)

    While we appreciate your company`s position on this issue,

    we are regrettably unable to accede to your request of a

    trial order of 1800 units per model after serious discussion with the manager and chief of the printing department.

    As in any other cases, the order of 3600 units per model has been the norm without exception due to our own constraints.

    We value each and every of our customer and look forward to an

    opportunity to work hand in hand with your company as a

    long-term business partner.

    Our products are receiving positive feedback from the customers and are

    expected to perform well in the market.

    However, should you find the above quantity unsuitable for your needs,

    we maintain our offer for 1500 units per model without the

    imprinted logos as earlier discussed.

    We look forward to hearing a favorable reply from you.

    Yours sincerely,


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    Upon your request, I discussed with our Printing Department manager. unfortunately, we are afraid that we can not accept your trial order of 1800 units per model instead of 3600 .

    we have a definite confidence on our product and ensure to work with you well in the future. by the way, We are glad that our products will export to Malaysia . you have been a great help for us.

    after all, we may only provide the 1500 pcs per model without logo as you say.*****

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