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I have gave the document you send our CEO. The document is very helpful we understand the goal of visit. we are glad to have such meaningful exchange activity and welcome you to Taipei.The visit arranged in July 5 is fine. But we hope to know more information help us arrange the visit rundown. How long would you stay in Taipei? Would you eat lunch in Taipei? In the exchange plan mentions artist's exchange activity, which type artists you prepare like to exchange? We have a lots artist in Tamsui, like tradition artist, contemporary artist, the theater artist, the ceramic skill artist etc. Maybe we can invite some artists attend our meeting. we also want to know your foundation is official or semiofficial.I'm sorry to ask so many question,bue If you could tell us would be helpful, thank you.

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    I have passed on the document to our CEO. The document is very helpful in which it identified the goals for us. We are very thankful for the information you have provided.

    We look forward to your visit soon. As per scheduled, your visit on 5th July is fine. Nevertheless, we hope to receive more information from you in order for us to make further arrangement.

    How long are you planning to stay in Taipei? Perhaps we can have lunch together? In the exchange plan, which type of artist do you have in mind? We do have many talented artist in Tamsui. You can find traditional artists, comtemporary artists, theatre artists and cermaic artists there. Perhaps we can invite some of these artist to attend our meeting. Lastly, we would also like to know the status of your current foundation, whether it is official?

    Thank you for you patience and we would appreciate very much if can help answering these questions.


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    Thank you for your patience and we would appreciate very much if you can help answering these questions.

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    對於匿名者, 翻譯軟體已經足夠了. 自己沒誠意就不要要求太多.

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    有給了您送我們的CEO 的文件。文件是非常有用的我們瞭解參觀的目標。我們是高興有這樣意味深長的交換活動並且歡迎您到Taipei.The

    參觀被安排在7月5 日是優良。但我們希望知道更多資訊幫助我們安排參觀減少。多久您會停留在臺北? 您會吃午餐在臺北嗎? 在交換計劃提及藝術家的交換活動, 鍵入藝術家您準備像交換嗎? 我們有全部藝術家在Tamsui, 像傳統藝術家、當代藝術家、劇院藝術家, 陶瓷技巧藝術家等。可能我們能邀請一些藝術家參加我們的會議。我們並且想要知道您的基礎是正式的或semiofficial.I'm 抱歉問那麼許多問題, bue 如果您能告訴我們會是有用的, 謝謝。

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