Drafts shall be drawn at thirty 30 days after sight under

Irrevocable Lertter of Credit, with full set of shipping

documents attached, for the full invoicc amount. The

shipping documents shall be Commercial Invoice

Certificate of Origin, Insurance Poicy, and clean on

board ocean Bill of Lading. Irrevocable L/C shall be

opened through California BANK , Main Office in

favor of the Seller by airmail immediately upon written

confirmation of purchase order by both parties. Credit

shall be mabe available 10 days beyond the contracted

time of shipment.

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    這筆交易需再雙方簽訂confirmation of purchase order


    付款條件 30天after sight

    信用狀金額= 發票金額全額

    需提供的L/C SHIPPING 文件有 :

    1.Commercial Invoice

    2.Certificate of Origin

    3.Insurance Poicy

    4.clean on board ocean Bill of Lading

    指定開狀銀行為 : California BANK , Main Office

    受益人 : Seller

    要用 MAIL L/C 的方式(一般是用TELEX RELEASE)

    信用狀的有效期限,要訂在the contracted time of

    shipment. 的10天之後

    Source(s): 在國外部工作
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