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幫我翻譯啦 啦 



中間有一段Although, my family......那邊有點亂掉



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    Fellow professors hello! My name calls Winnie, this year 17 year old I

    am constellation virgo blood-group O, I grow since childhood to

    Taipei, is since childhood the single-parent family daddies when 12

    years old because the disease passes away, in the family has paternal

    aunt also to have uncle and the younger sister, although lives is not

    very wealthy, but I believed I future will be able the family member

    to bring good life, my individuality very lively extroversion will

    like becoming friends with the friend, the usual leisure activity will

    be the movement specially likes playing the basketball, above will be

    I thanks each to own brief introduction

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    Hi there 或者 Hi, Professor _____ & Professor _______,

    My name is winnie and I am 17 years old.

    My horoscope is virgo and I am a blood type O girl.

    I grew up in Taipei city and was rasied by a single parent because my father passed away when I was 12 due to illness. My other family members include sister, uncle and auntie. Although, my family isn't terribly wealthy but I am confident that I shall be able to bring a better life to my fmaily members in the future. I love making friends as I am quite active and outgoing. I enjoy sports, basketball in particular.

    Thank you very much to all of you.

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    Instead of saying Hi professor____ and ____

    you could try using "Gooday or Hi Professors", whichever you prefer!

    Good luck to you

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    Although my family isn't ( is not) terribly wealthy

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