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Hockey inline skating question???

I just bought some Mission Helium A50 from eBay. I am brand new to this sport. I noticed after I purchased them that they come with Abec 3 bearings. Will this be good enough for outside hockey. Will they be fast enough or whatever? Please help. Thanks.

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    Anyone who tells you "get ABEC ?" if full of %&*.

    The abec rating has almost nothing to do with quality and has nothing to do with speed on skates.

    The rating is for lack of vibration in high speed equipment like routers.

    Some of the best bearings made do not even meet the ABEC 1 spec. The tolerances inside have been adjusted to the needs of skating rather than high speed equipment.

    The quality of the bearing has more to do with the maker than the ABEC rating. Bones, ZeroDrag, and TwinCam all make very high end bearings.

    I use the Zero Drag bearings because I have a local dealer (also mail order at that is a friend and has good prices. Zero Drag is his primary line and he as various levels of bearings. You need to know if your skate wheels use 608 (most common on inline skates) or 688 micro bearings (use on some hockey wheels).

    You can use wheels with either size bearings in the same skates but you have to buy the matching size for the Wheels, Bearings, and Bearing Spacers.

    Speed (among reasonably good bearings) depends a lot on the lubricant used (oil is faster but needs more maintenance, grease is slower but lasts forever, and gels are in the middle)

    Your wheels will have a much larger effect on speed than the bearings.

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    Abec 3's are slow. I started out skating (first time ever) on Abec 5's and later moved to 7's. But, if you plan on using them outside then it probably is okay... bearings and wheels won't last as long outside so cheaper is probably better. I would recommend Abec 5's for outdoors, though I've never really played outdoors.

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    honestly it doesnt make that much of a difference. I mean the higher numbers do move a little smoother and faster but it really all depends on the person. If your fast than ull move fast. Abec 3s are fine. I have used so many over the years and i cant tell the difference.

    Source(s): Have been play ice, roller and street hockey since ive been 8. im 23 now lol so i been around a while
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    They're good for starting out, plus most of the higher quality bearings wear down pretty quickly outside. Enjoy the skates and have a good time playing our sport !!

    * Check the wheels and get back to us there should be a wheel size (72 or 80mm) and also provide us with the other number (80a? soft? x-soft?) wheel hardness is more of a determining factor of how they will function outside - as well as the playing surface, your weight, and skating style.

    Source(s): have played ice and roller hockey for many years
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