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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicPolls & Surveys · 1 decade ago

What is on your iPod at the moment?

Mine is:

The Only One by Yael Naim

Rest Easy by Natalie Walker

Let Me Know by The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

I'll Be Seeing You by Billie Holliday

Kiss Me Again by Ben's Brother

I Melt With You by Nouvelle Vauge

Bob Marley's Legend Album

Engine Heart by Mirah

Unforgettable by Nat King Cole

Across the Universe Soundtrack (WATCH THE MOVIE IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY! Let me know how ya'll like it)

In The Morning by Coral

Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton

Strangers in the Night by Frank Sinatra

Blind Mary by Gnarls Barkley

Sea Lion by Feist

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Greatest Hits Album

John Hiatt & Little Village 1992 Album

It's an eclectic mix, but I just love the classics & rock, but I love soft indie music as well, if you can call it that.

Ya'll should get downloading!


Don't answer if you're going to have a stupid non-answer comment. iPods do not suck. You suck.


Update 2:

Thanks for the answers with ACTUAL music!!! I know who's getting my vote...

But I didn't mean LITERALLY list everything on your iPod.

If you want to be literal;

List some of you favorites of the moment on your current music player/radio/etc.


Update 3:

Yes Ma'am, The Weepies are amazing! I heart your playlist, Bexis :)

40 Answers

  • FizzyB
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago
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    Wow! I luv your selection! haha it sounds alot like mine... eclectic for sure!

    Katy Perry- Hot'N'Cold

    Adele- Chasing Pavements

    Dean Martin- Goodnight Sweetheart

    Yael naim - New Soul

    Colbie Caillat- bubbly

    K's Choice- Almost Happy

    Sick Puppies- All the same

    Linkin Park- Shadow of the day

    Killers- Indy Rock and Roll

    Priscilla ahn- rain

    Missy higgins- The sound of white

    Static X- Push It

    Offspring- You'r Gonna go Far Kid

    Katy Perry- I kissed a girl

    Roxette- Fading like a flower remix

    Kansas- Wayward Son

    Beatles-Hey Jude

    Etta James- At LAst

    Louis Armstrong- Wonderful world & Kiss to build a dream on

    Michael Buble- Home & Lost

    Singing in the Rain

    ROy Orbison- Here comes the rain baby

    Papa Roach- Reckless

    September - Cry for you

    The Weepies- The Worlds Spings Madly On

    the Weepies- Gotta Have you

    (The Weepies are AMAZING)

    Infected mushroom-becoming insane

    Muse- Supermassive Black Hole

    Cary Brothers - Ride

    Bt- Satellite

    Those are just a few... too many more to list! :D

  • All About Us - TATU

    Angels - Within Temptation

    Apologize - OneRepublic

    Bad Boy - Cascada

    Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis

    Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Green Day

    Bring Me To Life - Evanescence

    Call Me When You're Sober - Evanescence

    Check Yes Juliet - We The Kings

    Crushcrushcrush - Paramore

    Cry (Bonus Track) - Rihanna

    Damaged - Danity Kane

    Dead! - My Chemical Romance

    Dirty Little Secret - The All-American Rejects

    Disenchanted - My Chemical Romance

    Everytime We Touch - Cascada

    Famous Last Words - My Chemical Romance

    Fidelity - Regina Spektor

    Frozen - Within Temptation

    The Ghost Of You - My Chemical Romance

    Glamorous - Fergie

    He Said She Said - Ashley Tisdale

    Heaven - DJ Sammy

    Heaven Help Us - My Chemical Romance

    Hips Don't Lie - Shakira

    Holiday - Green Day

    I Do, I Do, I Do - Creamy

    I Don't Love You - My Chemical Romance

    I Hate Everything About You - Three Days Grace

    I Wanna Be Bad - Willa Ford

    I'm Not Okay (I Promise) - My Chemical Romance

    In The End- Linkin Park

    It Ends Tonight - The All-American Rejects

    Kiss Kiss - Chris Brown

    Listen To Your Heart - DHT

    Look At Us - Sarina Paris

    Love Song - Sara Bareilles

    Miracle- Cascada

    My Happy Ending - Avril Lavigne

    My Heart Will Go On - Celine Dion

    My Immortal (Band Version) - Evanescence

    Never Too Late - Three Days Grace

    A New Day Has Come - Celine Dion

    Nine in The Afternoon - Panic At The Disco

    No Air - Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown

    Nobody's Home - Avril Lavigne

    Numb - Linkin Park

    Party Like a Rockstar - Shop Boyz

    Poison - Groove Coverage

    Ramp! (The Logical Song) - Scooter

    Remember the Name - Fort Minor

    Ridin' - Chamillionaire

    Save You - Simple Plan

    Savin' Me - Nickelback

    Selfish - Asia Cruise

    Shadow of the Day - Linkin Park

    The Sharpest Lives - My Chemical Romance

    Skyway Avenue - We the Kings

    So In Love With Two - Mikaila

    So Sick - Ne-Yo

    Stand in the Rain - Superchic(k)

    Stay With Me - Danity Kane

    Stronger - Kanye West

    Survivor - Destiny's Child

    The Sweet Escape - Gwen Stefani

    Teardrops on my Guitar - Taylor Swift

    Teenagers - My Chemical Romance

    Thnks Fr Th Mmrs - Fall Out Boy

    Too Little, Too Late - JoJo

    Unfaithful - Rihanna

    Voyage - Ayumi Hamasaki

    Walk It Out - Unk

    Waves - DJ Satomi

    Welcome to My Life - Simple Plan

    Welcome to the Black Parade - My Chemical Romance

    What Have You Done - Within Temptation

    What Hurts the Most - Cascada

    What I've Done - Linkin Park

    When I'm Gone - Eminem

    Where Will You Go - Evanescence

    Wonderland - DJ Satomi

    Source(s): My cousin's iTunes. I don't really like all of them except for MCR, Evanescence, and Within Temptation. Ooh! And Three Days Grace. And Linkin Park. Yeah, I actually got a lot. (Pretty much alternative and rock.) ...but you might. =] Had to type them all in by hand. Whew! -.-'
  • 1 decade ago

    Here are some of my current favourites (in no particular order):

    I Must Be Emo by Adam and Andrew (that song is bloody hilarious!)

    Flight of the Conchords



    Guns N' Roses

    The Metal Shakespeare Company (a Portland, Oregon based heavy metal Shakespeare band... basically one of the sweetest things ever)

    Sweeney Todd Soundtrack

    Annie Lennox/ The Eurythmics

    Second Person (I'm listening to them now! They're awesome!)

    Aretha Franklin

    The Beatles!!! (They are my all time hands down favourites ever! I have every CD!!!)


    The Riverdance Soundtrack

    The Bird and the Bee (I love their cover of Carol of the Bells.. you know, that Christmassy song?)

    The Bad Touch by The Bloodhound Gang (that song never gets old!)

    Scotty Doesn't Know by Lustra

    Blur (Damon Albarn is boss!!)

    Bo Burnham (look him up on youtube! DO IT!)

    Bob Dylan

    Cheap and Cheerful by The Kills

    The Across the Universe Soundrack (great movie! Jim Sturgess is love!)

    Gonna Make You Sweat by C + C Music Factory

    I've Got a Jar of Dirt Techno Remix thing by Captain Jack Sparrow

    Coin-Operated Boy by The Dresden Dolls

    The Doom Song by GIR

    The Nightmare Before Christmas (Special Edition!) Soundtrack

    The Chicago Soundtrack

    Fiona Apple

    Regina Spektor

    The Moulin Rouge Soundrack

    The Corpse Bride Soundtrack (okay, so I like soundtracks, sue me)


    The Killers

    Nellie McKay

    Crazy Loop (by the Numa Numa singer!)

    KT Tunstall - especially Black Horse and the Cherry Tree, and Suddenly I See

    The Cure

    Daft Punk

    Beast of Blood by Malice Mizer

    David Bowie


    The Doors

    Half Fling by Dominic Monahan and Elija Wood (that's right! the hobbits!)

    The Donnie Darko Soundtrack

    The Garden State Soundtrack

    The Juno Soundtrack

    Edith Piaf

    Ella Fitzgerald

    The Pixies - especially Where Is My Mind?

    Eric Clapton


    Fairport Convention

    The Gorillaz (I named my iPod Stuart Tusspot after the Gorillaz lead singer)

    Handsome Boy Modeling School

    My Harry Potter audiobooks

    Ievan Polka by Loituma

    I Got a Crush... on Obama by Obama Girl

    Teardrop by Massive Attack (the opening song for House)

    Hijo de la Luna by Mecano (in Spanish and French)

    Kind and Generous by Natalie Merchant

    Nat King Cole - especially Smile and Unforgettable


    Simon and Garfunkel

    Gay Boyfriend by The Hazzards

    The Pet Shop Boys

    I Feel Like I'm Fixing to Die Rag by Country Joe McDonald and the Fish

    The Beach Boys

    The Hours by Philip Glass

    Stevie Nicks

    The Postal Service

    Get Out of London by The Pretenders

    Red Hot Chili Peppers

    The Rolling Stones

    She Wants Revenge

    Siouxsie and the Banshees

    Stevie Wonder

    Echo and the Bunnymen

    Joe Cocker


    The Streets

    Talking Heads

    Tears for Fears

    Katy Perry - Ur So Gay and I Kissed a Girl

    They Might Be Giants

    The White Stripes

    Cowboy Junkies

    The Who

    Julia Nunes (look her up on youtube as well!)

    Emmy the Great

    Ok, so I listed a lot... but this is as much as I could narrow it down out of my 2,000 plus songs. Also, please refrain from shooting me if I spelled anything wrong...

  • ?
    Lv 4
    5 years ago

    relying at the ipod, you'll be able to repair this crisis. Try turning the shuffle off and creating a record of songs to play in a specified order. Also relying at the ipod there is also a "display lock" choice so that you're going to need to do some thing or style in a code to unencumber the display so it doesnt by accident difference the music. And i wouldnt recognize... i dont have an ipod, i simply play songs in my head ^_^

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I have no ipod... but on my Zune I have

    The Agonist

    All That Remains

    As I Lay Dying

    August Burns Red

    Bullet for my Valentine

    Children of Bodom

    Dark Tranquility

    Demon Hunter

    Five Finger Death Punch

    Haste the Day

    In Flames

    In This Moment

    Killswitch Engage


    Straight Line Stitch


    I need moar

    And Zunes are way better than ipods, they don't break or scratch, are cheaper, and are easier to pirate music with SO SORRY IPOD FANBOYS

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Oh my, I've got 526 songs on here. It would take a while to list them all. How about I just tell you the song I'm currently listening to at this very moment? Speed Kills (The People That We Love) by Bush.

    Edit: Yay for Across The Universe! One of my absolute favorite movies. Great soundtrack. I've always been a Beatles fan.

  • 1 decade ago

    In keeping Secrets of Silent Earth 3

  • ToniSB
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    I am not sure if I have the time to write all of the songs on my iPod (nearly 700). However, FYI, I also have an eclectic taste in music -- anything from Hip/Hop, R&B, Alternative, Christian, Country, Gospel, Pop, Rock, and Rap. I have music for all of my moods! :)

  • 1 decade ago

    hey miss ella

    ive got some grateful dead

    frank zappa


    snoop dogg

    christina agulara however u spell it

    will smith summertime

    the ting-tings

    toni braxton

    frank sinatra

    willy nelson

    thats just some ive got an eclectic taste also.

    have a great nite miss ella bye!!!!!!!

  • I'm not naming all 200. Sry. But right now I'm listening to Hallelujah by Paramore

    ♥ Brittany

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