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when you buy a house how long is it after closing before you usually make your first payment?

So like if we close on the 1st of july when would our first offical payment be due?


weird I have never had a payment like that in the middle of the month that would be cool would it always be on the 15th then

Update 2:

I had guessed it would be at the beginning of August I will just keep it budgeted that way and then if it isn't til the 15th that is cool too! Thanks everyone.

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    As early as the first of August to later in the month I would say.

    But wanting to know how late you can wait, your first payment should be immediately. That way, it all goes towards towards the principle and could cut the total number of payments by six months. Also, making one extra payment in the year could cut an additional six plus years from paying.

    So, on a 30 year mortgage, it could disappear in about 23 years.

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    I should be the beginning to middle of August I would guess the 15 th of August.

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    Around the middle of August.

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    Estimated due date will be 15 Aug (aprox 6 weeks)

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